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Q: What sport do a lot of french people play?
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What sport do netherland people do?

They play a lot of soccer and hockey.

How do you say in French Do the French play a lot of sports?

"Est-ce que les français font beaucoup de sport ?"

What types of people play soccer the most?

The type of people that have skill and love to play the sport and have a lot of heart and passion.

How many people do fishing as a sport?

There are a lot of people that will do it as a sport. The pros of course do and there is a lot of them

Why is soccer become a popular sport?

Because its a real sport that requires a lot of running and you have to be in shape not like baseball or football that has fat people that play! Hahahahaha

What are the things that athletes need to play a sport?

they need to be good at the sport and they need to practice a lot.

Who played volleyball and why?

A lot of people play it and it is very fun! Also Misty May and Keri Walsh play as beach volleyball gold medalist Olympians. Also it is gonna become the sport that the most percentage of girls play for a sport!

Do cree Indians play sports?

they consider hunting a sport and they do a lot of that!

What do Indias play?

They play hockey. They don't play baseball. The famous sport for the Indians is hockey. They also play lot of cricket games, but still they play hockey a lot.

Can baseball be a girl's sport too?

Yes baseball can be a girl sport too.I have a lot of freinds who play baseball.

What is the most popular winter sport in Australia?

A large amount of people play AFL (or aussie rules) in the winter. there is also a lot of people play Rugby Union, Rugby League and Football/soccer.

What is Michael Jackson favorite sport?

He used to play a lot of basketball when he was younger,

What are entertainment in Ukraine?

Soccer is a very popular sport in Ukraine. They play it a lot.

What is Michael Jackson's favorite sport?

He used to play a lot of Basketball when he was younger,

Why do people play ice hockey?

Because it is an amusing sport you get a thrill of being on the ice you burn a lot of calories with all the physical activities

What sport do the people of Michigan play?

All kinds of things. Baseball, Bowling, Basketball, Football, Volleyball,and etc...... ( theres a lot more!)

Is Net ball Irene's choice?

Hi The answer is no cause Irene's parent don't want her to play net ball but she choose to play that sport so that she can meet lot's of people.

Where is the hot ballooning an popular sport?

It is in Brazil a lot of people

What does sport-if mean in French?

sportif (masc.), sportive (fem.) is the adjective for someone doing sports (especially doing a lot) in French.

What is your favorite sport to play?

I like playing a lot of soccer because you can lose weight since you can run a lot .

How many people get in french schools?

not a lot

What Sports do only Italians play?

There is really no sport that only Italians play. They play a lot of the vewry populaar sports so..

What is the biggest sport in Kenya?

A lot of Kenyan children play football, but other than that there is really only one sport which is cricket.

What sport could poor people play?

People without a whole lot of money usually play soccer. All you really need is a ball. That's one of the reasons soccer is so big in the poorer countries.

Why is cheerleading not a sport?

Cheerleading is a sport. It takes a lot of practice and work to be a cheerleader. People just don't consider it as a sport for some reason.