What sport do South Americans like best?

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2008-01-12 22:15:23

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Futbol - Soccer - Football of course. It is not a sport, its a religion.

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2008-01-12 22:15:23
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Q: What sport do South Americans like best?
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What is the South Americans favourite sport?

It all matters on what that specific person likes. It is what that person thinks. I don't believe that there is a specific sport that all South-Americans like but someone can add upon this. Even though I wasn't able to completelyanswerthis, the most likely sport that is a favorite is soccer.

Is judo the second best sport?

well you can think that it is the best sport but i like hockey and football

Do the South Americans like the Americans?

YES ! The south Americans believe that everyone should get along ! I went there one summer and they are so kind. (:

What sports do South Africans like?

their favorite sport is soccer.

What is a cool sport?

A cool sport is football; If your looking to impress a girl. But, If your'e not, a cool sport is what sport you like best.

What fruit do South Americans like to eat?

South Americans eat papaya, bananas, oranges, lemons, limes, and guava.

Why is karate the best sport?

karate being the best sport is your OPINION, it cant be proven or given a reason why. i like karate and think it is a great sport, but you cant call it the best

Why are there so many African Americans in the NBA?

Because they are naturally taller and because they like the sport.

Why is the rodeo the South Dakota sport?

because it is and they made it to be that way and they like it so it is

What is best sport ever?

I think volleyball. But it is more what you like to do!

Is American football a rubbish sport?

No, it is far from A rubbish sport, it is a great and demanding sport. The general US consensus on Soccer is; that it is merely a great exercise type sport for American Kids till they play the superior sport of football, like they always do. Football is in the American DNA. That is why European "football" is really only good for Europeans and the South Americans that British Soldiers brought Soccer/Football to.

How many times do South Americans pray a day?

Muslim South Americans, like all other Muslims, pray 5 times a day.

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