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The Black Sox are a nickname of the 1919 Chicago White Sox. They were Baseball players accused of taking bribes to throw the World Series.

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Q: What sport did the black sox play?
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What sport do the White Sox play?

That would be baseball.

What sport do the Boston Red Sox play?

The Boston Red Sox are a Major League Baseball (MLB) team.

Who plays at Fenway Park and what sport do they play?

The Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park and they play baseball.

What sport do the Black Singlets play?


What sport do the black hawks play?

The Chicago Black Hawks play ice hockey in the NHL.

What other sport did Michael Jordan play besides basketball?

Baseball, for the White Sox.

What sport do most black boys play?


What sport do the Black Socks play?

The black socks are the mens baseball team

Why were the Chicago white hawks called Chicago black hawks?

You mean white sox. Wrong sport

Who did the White Sox play in the black socks scandal?

The Cincinnati Reds-

Differences between local and national sport?

A local sport would be a sport played in your town that you can also play and a National Sport would be like big names like the Colts (football) and White Sox (baseball)

What are facts about Baltimore Black Sox?

There are no Baltimore Black Sox. There are Baltimore Oriels or Chicago White Sox!

What do the sox play?

The Boston Red Sox play Baseball.

What sport do the Black Sticks play?

hockey (real hockey AKA field hockey)

What sport makes black and blue play against red and yellow?

Criquet Criquet

Why was the fix called the black sox scandal?

Because the owner of the White Sox in 1919, Charles Commiskey, made the players pay for their own laundry, so to protest, they didn't was their clothes, and when they went out to play, their clothes were so dirty that even their socks were black. They were called the black sox before the scandal.

Who was the first black to play a major league sport?

i don't know but the first black baseball player is Jackie Robinson

When did Black Sox Scandal happen?

Black Sox Scandal happened in 1919.

Where did they let black people play sports?

In the United States, people of any race are allowed to play any sport.

When were the Chicago White Sox the black Sox?

The White Sox were dubbed the Black Sox after the controversial claim that the White Sox "threw" (purposely lost) the 1919 World Series.

When did Curt Gowdy do play by play for the Red Sox?

Red Sox play-by-play in 1951-1965

Who are the black sox's?

The black sox was the 1908 white sox. the were called "black" because they fixed the world series

Name of sox stadium?

The White Sox play at U.S. Cellular Field and The Red Sox play at Fenway.

In what year was the black sox formed?

There is and never was a formation of a Major League Baseball team called the "Black Sox". The "Black Sox" is just a disparaging nick-name that was given to the Chicago White Sox after supposedly "throwing" (losing purposely) the 1919 World Series. It is Known as the Black Sox scandal.

Who did shoeless joe Jackson play for?

The Chicago Whitesox. He was on the infamous 1919 " Black Sox" who threw the World Series.