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Q: What sport did missionaries introduce in Africa?
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Where did kilikiti originate?

Kilikiti originates in Samoa and it is the country's national sport. The game is a type of cricket that was introduce by missionaries in 19th century.

How do you introduce a new sport to the public?

Ladies and gentlemen I have the pleasure to introduce you the "input your sport here"

What religion did French missionaries introduce to Vietnam?

Please help me The answer is Christianity.

Missionaries in Africa?

Anna Springer

Were the first four caliphs missionaries to Africa?

First 4 Caliphs were not missionaries to Africa , but many other companions of prophet were .

What are the release dates for Missionaries in Darkest Africa - 1912?

Missionaries in Darkest Africa - 1912 was released on: USA: 3 June 1912

What did christian missionaries do in Africa and Asia?


What impact did explores and missionaries have on africa?

Explorers and missionaries greatly impacted the continent of Africa. Explorers saw Africans as a resource to be traded and sold. Missionaries saw what they believed to be savage people in need of saving.

Why did christian missionaries go to Africa?

Christian Missionaries went and still go to Africa because there were and still are many people who don't know Jesus.

What religion did Spanish missionaries introduce to Mexico?

Roman Catholicism was introduced to Mexico by Spanish missionaries. To such degree, that nowadays, it is by far its largest faith (88%).

Who were some missionaries and explorers of Africa?

David Livingstone was a missionary and an explorer in Africa. Georg Schmidt was a missionary to South Africa. Casalis and Arbousset were missionaries sent by the Parisian Missionary Society.

What did European missionaries entered Africa to do?

European missionaries entered Africa to Cure diseases spread Christianity and End the slave trade All of the above/...... Apex

What did European missionaries enter Africa to do?

European missionaries entered Africa to Cure diseases spread Christianity and End the slave trade All of the above/...... Apex

What sport did Australia introduce to the Olympics 2000?

The Triathlon

Who was first to introduce speed skating as a sport?


Which country fine introduce football is a sport?


What did missionaries introduce to the native Americans during the Counter Reformation?

they introduced a new catholic religion

What sport was banned by England missionaries because it was considered immoral?


How did Christianity spread in South Africa?

By English and Dutch missionaries

Why did missionaries support imperialism in Africa?

to support the spread of Christianity

What European missionaries entered Africa to?

All of the above - Apex

When did Christianity started in Africa?

Christian missionaries have been visiting Africa since Roman times.

What is africa's most played sport?

Africa's most played sport is football (soccer)

What sport did great Britain introduce to the 2012 Olympics?


What sport was banned by European missionaries because it was considered immoral?