What sport did darry play?

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Q: What sport did darry play?
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What sport did Darry play in the book outsiders?

The sport football :)

What sport did Darry play in high school in the book the outsiders?

he played football he even got a scholar ship for collage but he had to drop out and work to providre ponyboy and sodapoop

How did Darry and ponyboy play tug of war with soda?

When Darry and Ponyboy were arguing they both wanted Soda on their side.

Why are darry and paul rivals?

Darry and Paul were rivals because Paul is a Soc and Darry is a Greaser but they used to play on the same football team, and during the rumble that kept Pony thinking that Darry was here to protect the Greasers from the Socs. Besides, Darry wasn't "rich" like the Socs were. However, Sodapop and Ponyboy were also Greasers.

What actor COULD play as darry in The Outsiders?

mihael Jackson moron

What actor could play darry in The Outsiders?

Anyone who is interested, I guess.

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What is darry interests and actions in the outsiders book?

Darry wished that he had been able to go to college and play football, but with the death of their parents, he is focused on keeping Ponyboy and Sodapop safe in their home as a family. Everything Darry does is for the betterment of his brothers and the boys in the gang.

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