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synchronized swimming

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Q: What sport did actor john Russell play in college?
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When was John Russell - actor - born?

John Russell - actor - was born on 1921-01-03.

When did John Russell - actor - die?

John Russell - actor - died on 1991-01-19.

Is Bing Russell Related To Actor John Russell?

Bing Russell any relation to John Russell

Square jawed actor who was in 1960's western series?

John russell

Is the actor John Russell still living?

no he died January 19 1991

Who were actor john russell's children?

He had three children with second wive Renata Titus.

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David McCallum , John Leyton , Angus Lennie and William Russell are still alive .

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What nicknames did John James Russell go by?

John James Russell went by Big John.

What is John Russell's birthday?

John Russell was born on January 3, 1921.

When was John Russell born?

John Russell was born on January 3, 1921.

When did John Russell die?

John Russell died on January 19, 1991.

Was John Russell Houston black?

Yes, John Russell Houston was black.

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John Russell Hind was born in 1823.

When did John Russell Hind die?

John Russell Hind died in 1895.

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When was John Russell Fearn born?

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When did Richard John Russell die?

Richard John Russell died in 1943.

When was Richard John Russell born?

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John Benjamin Russell died in 1894.