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yes he is epick

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Q: What sport did Victorians do?
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What sport was most played by the Victorians?

american football

What is The most popular hobby of the Victorians?

the most popular sport was football and other sports activity's

What sport did Victorians like?

croquet, boxing, football, golf ect... Just the same as now to be honest.

Who went on the Victorians trains?


How Healthy were the Victorians?

Rich Victorians were usually the healthiest. Poor victorians weren't healthy at all

How did Victorians clean?

rich victorians had a tub of water to wash in but poor victorians licked themselves

Which period was before the Victorians?

the vikings were before victorians.

Who came after the Victorians?

After the Victorians we came, it was modern age.

What is the duration of The Victorians?

The duration of The Victorians is 3600.0 seconds.

Did the Victorians have lot of money?

No the poor Victorians have no money but the rich one did have lots of money poor Victorians had to work and rich Victorians had poor one to work for them

Where did Victorians go on holidays?

Many Victorians took holidays at the English seaside. Rich Victorians toured Europe.

When was Eminent Victorians created?

Eminent Victorians was created in 1918.

When was The Victorians created?

The Victorians was created on 2009-02-15.

When was What the Victorians Did for Us created?

What the Victorians Did for Us was created in 2001.

Did Victorians have toothbrushes?

Victorians Had toothbrushes the bristles where mad out of pig hair......

What do the Victorians do after Christmas dinner to celebrate?

what would victorians do after chritmas dinner

How many years did Victorians go on for?

The Victorians went on for 82 years

What board games did Victorians use?

sweet kid.. learning about the victorians.

What is the duration of What the Victorians Did for Us?

The duration of What the Victorians Did for Us is 1380.0 seconds.

What did Victorians eat for breakfast?

Victorians ate porridge for breakfast : ) Chloe welsh

What did Victorians use to light fires?

the Victorians used coal sometimes wood

When did What the Victorians Did for Us end?

What the Victorians Did for Us ended on 2001-10-22.

Did the Victorians have pancakes?


Did the Victorians have taco's?


Did the Victorians have aeroplanes?