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Q: What sport did Obama play in college?
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What sport does president Obama play?

President Obama plays golf.

What sport did Barack Obama play in?

He was into basketball

What sport Obama play?

He likes basketball and golf.

Can an illegal immigrant play a sport in college?

They cannot because to play a sport in college you have to go to a college, which illegal immigrants cannot do.

How do you enter to play in a college sport?

Go to college

Do you have to play a sport to get into college?

No way

What sport did Barack Obama play in high school?


Does President Obama play basketball?

yes he does it is his favorie sport.

What is Sasha Obama's favorite sport to play?

It has been reported that she likes to play soccer.

What sport does obama like to play?

he enjoys playing basketball and football

What sport did Martin Luther King play in college?

football in college

What sport did elisabeth hasselbeck play in college?


What is it called to play a sport in college?

Varsity Athletics.

What sport did mike greenberg play in college?


What sport did Tony DiNozzo play in college?


Did Obama play college sports?

No he did not because he whet to law school.

Did obama play baseball in college?

I don't believe so my friend

What is the most popular sport college students play?


Do you need to attend college to play the sport professionally?

yes you can

What sport did Martha play at Mount Sebastian College?


Can you play more than one sport in college?


Can a college player play another sport after playing four years of one sport?


Are you allowed to play a professional sport then play a college sport?

No because you have to get drafted from college. Actually - you can't because once you get paid, you cannot play for the NCAA - this applies for NCAA colleges only...I assume.

When students receive money to play a particular sport at a college or university it is an example of aid.?

When students receive money to play a particular sport at a college or university, it is an example of _____ aid. n…

What is Malia Obama's favorite sport?

soccer!!! malia obama plays soccer when they have the time. and sometimes when her dad [president barack obama] have a break from work. the family play together.