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Michael Jordan's first retirement was from the sport of professional basketball.
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Q: What sport did Michael Jordan play during his first retirement?
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Who replaced Michael Jordan in the starting lineup during his first retirement?

Pete Myers

What was Michael Jordan's team before his first retirement?

Chicago Bulls

How many championships did Michael Jordan win after he returned from his first retirement?


Why did Michael Jordan choose to play baseball after his first retirement?

Because it was his dad dream..

Did Michael Jordan's dad die before or after his first retirement?

Michael Jordan's father was murdered on July 23, 1993. On October 6, 1993, Michael Jordan retired for the first time, later citing that the death of his father shaped that decision.

What was Michael Jordans contract signing from his first time with the bulls to his final retirement with the wizards?

What was Michael Jordan's NBA contract signing from his 1st year with the Bulls to his retirement with the wizards

What former NBA player's father was murdered?

Michael Jordan's dad, 1993, leading to his first retirement

What year did Michael Jordan come back from his first retirement?

Michael returned to the bulls in 1995. They did not won their next championship until 1996.

How many Championships does mj have?

Michael Jordan has 6 Championships total. 3 in a row before his first retirement and 3 in a row after.

When did Michael Jordan first dunk?

The first time Michael Jordan dunked was when he was in the 7th grade.

What was the first team Michael Jordon played for in the NBA?

The first team Michael Jordan played for in the NBA, is the same team he was drafted by; the Chicago Bulls. He ended up playing there until his second retirement in 1998.

How old was Michael Jordan when he first dunked?

Michael Jordan was in the 9th grade when he first dunked. He was 5'8".

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