What sport can you do in Lille France?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Lille is a large city and you can find a club for any sports you wish: athletics, football, combat sports, even curling or American football.

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Q: What sport can you do in Lille France?
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What sport is famous in Lille France?

Ice hockey is fairly popular in France. I hope i helped! B-).

What is the capital city of lille?

Lille is a city in Hauts-de-France region of France. Lille is the administrative center of Hauts-de-France.

When was UniversitΓ© Lille Nord de France created?

Université Lille Nord de France was created in 1854.

What is lille France famous for?

it was fought on by beljium and France

What city is in the north of France?


What is the word for liver in Lille?

In Lille, France, one would say "foie". /fwah/

What does Lille mean in french?

Lille is a town in northern France. Its name has no real signification.

How much area does Lille cover in square miles?

Lille, France - 15.25 square miles.

What does lille dans le nord de la France mean?

"Lille" is a city name. "Lille dans le nord" means "Lille, in the north (of France) If this is just based on hearing, what may have actually been said is "L'île dans de le nord de la France" in which case it means "The island in the north of France".

What products is Lille France known for?


What do they eat in Lille in France?

French toste

Is lille the capital of France?

Lille is a regional capital, for the region "nord" (North). The national capital is Paris.