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Football,Cricket or Rugby

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Q: What sport are Great Britain best at?
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Most played sport in great britain?

soccer or cricket

What is the olympic sport that Britain is best at?

swimming and cycling

What girls sport is most played in Great Britain?

Probably netball

Why is Association football and cricket the national sport of great Britain?

Because cricket is the only sport we are good at and football is popular

What is the national sport in Great Britain?

Football,cricket,tennis,rug bee and canoing

Who is the best pony rider in Britain?

Beth Vernon is the best pony rider in the Great Britain.

Why are Great Britain good at rowing?

Britain takes great pride in its rowing tradition. Rowers tart at a very young age in Britain, much like football players, soccer kids etc. in the states. It is just a sport of emphasis.

Which country is best at rugby in great Britain?


Who is the 14 year old boy in the Olympics from great Britain in the sport of diving?

Thomas "Tom" Daley from Plymouth

Which sport did England win the most medals at the 2008 Olympics?

Great Britain won more medals in cycling.

In 1551 Great Britain passed a law banning all sports on December 25 except for what sport?


Eddie The Eagle Edwards of Great Britain finished last in what sport at the 1988 Calgary Olympics?

Ski Jumping