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Thomas "Tom" Daley from Plymouth

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Q: Who is the 14 year old boy in the Olympics from great Britain in the sport of diving?
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What sport did great Britain introduce to the 2012 Olympics?


Why did Tom Daley decide to do diving in the olympics?

Tom's sport is diving. He has competed in diving since aged 7.

When was diving accepted as an Olympic sport?

Diving was introduced into the Olympics at the 1904 Games in St. Louis.

What sport take place in summer Olympics?

archery swimming diving

What name of water sport are the in the Olympics?

Water polo Swimming Diving

What sport did China do in the Olympics?

They did almost every sport, but dominated in Table Tennis, Diving, and Weightlifting.

What sport did Britain bring to the Olympics?


Tennis and diving occur in these Olympics?

Tennis and diving are both part of the Summer Olympics. Tennis was a part of the first modern Olympics during the summer of 1896. It was taken out of the Olympics in 1922 and restored to the Summer Olympics in 1988. Diving became a Summer Olympic sport in 1904.

Which sport did England win the most medals at the 2008 Olympics?

Great Britain won more medals in cycling.

Eddie The Eagle Edwards of Great Britain finished last in what sport at the 1988 Calgary Olympics?

Ski Jumping

Is diving a professional sport or an amateur sport?

Both. Diving is a sport in the Olympics, and people can dive in the pool or wherever they want. But it can be a professional sport purely based on the various techniques such as flips and spins while diving into the pool. It is a sport, like many others, that take years and years of practice before perfection.

Which Sport is not played in Olympics?

recreational fishing, skin/skuba diving, cricket (only early Olympics), hunting, Bullfighting, sky diving, water skiing, netball, golf (only early Olympics), American football, baseball

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