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throw ball


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Q: What sport and fitness can Indian girls do which also includes bodybuilding?
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How to Prepare for a Bodybuilding Fitness Program?

Picked up an issue of Oxygen lately? You may have noticed these cover girls aren't your typical models--in fact, they're actually professional bodybuilders. Getting their muscled physique is no easy task, however, especially if you're a fitness novice. This guide will explain everything you need to know about starting a bodybuilding fitness program, from its nutritional aspects to which exercises will benefit you best.How to Prepare for a Bodybuilding Fitness ProgramPreparing for a bodybuilding fitness program? Good. Here's what you need to know before starting this program:1. Will I seek professional help or do it by myself? Personal trainers, preferably those with bodybuilding experience, can really help you transform your body. They can also give you customized fitness programs, tailored specifically to your bodybuilding goals and health needs. There's a downside to this, however--namely, its price. Just one session could cost you roughly 60 to 70 dollars, and that's on average. That's about as expensive as a monthly gym fee.Rather do it alone? Don't worry--there are still excellent resources online (and offline) that can teach you the basics of this sport. contains advice, exercise instructions and nutrition recommendations for nearly any type of bodybuilding diet; bodybuilding books can help get you in the right mindset to begin building serious muscle.2. You need to get medical clearance if you're new to exercise.This is especially true if you have a heart condition--bodybuilding fitness programs may put undue strain on your heart. Overweight people or people who are diabetic also need to see their doctor before beginning any bodybuilding program, as exercise may negatively affect their health. Your doctor may also recommend a nutritionist, who can carefully tailor the diet plan to ensure you are meeting your nutritional needs as well as your bodybuilding needs. This isn't optional.3. Consider the cost. Bodybuilders spend a lot of money getting in shape, eating the right foods, and preparing their bodies for competition. It's not uncommon for a bodybuilder to spend at least $3,000 to prepare for an event, and that's on the low end--you could easily spend $10,000 or more a year transforming your body into a rock hard physique. Although some purchases can be omitted (such as access to an expensive personal trainer), these are purchases every bodybuilder must make during at least a year of training and competition preparation:A monthly membership to a gym or fitness facilityGood, sweat-wicking workout clothesGood exercise shoesMonthly purchases of whey protein, creatine, or other bodybuilding supplementsA professionally-made (and fitted) bodybuilding swimsuit for competitionsLarge purchases of meat, such as chicken breasts, steak or turkeyTanning sprays or oils to enhance muscle definition during competition season4. Consider the time. You may have to set aside 30 minutes to two hours per day for your fitness and nutritional needs, such as getting to the gym on time, preparing meals for the next day, and tallying up your carbohydrate and protein content for the day. This sport does take dedication, and that can take up some considerable time. You'll lose even more time when a bodybuilding competition approaches.Ready to become a bodybuilder? It's vitally important to consider these points before beginning a bodybuilding fitness program--you may not succeed if you don't.

Can Indian girls get muscles?


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