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Q: What speed is the fastest serve in handball in the modern Olympics?
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Who recorded Fastest tennis serve in the world?

The fastest 1st serve was recorded by Andy Roddick at 155 MPH (248KPH), the fastest second serve is also held by Andy Roddick at 153 MPH (245 KPH). In the women's game the fastest serve is held by Venus Williams at 129 MPH (206 KPH).

What can you serve but not eat?

A tennis ball perhaps, or a volleyball, or a racket ball, squash ball, or handball.

What is the fastest Fernando Verdasco serve?


What is the fastest volleyball serve ever recorded?

The fastest volleyball serve ever recorded was made by György Grozer, a Hungarian volleyball player, with a speed of 134 km/h (83.5 mph) during a match.

Who served the fastest serve ever?

Ivo Karlovic

What will be the fastest way for a resident to get citizenship?

Serve in the US army.

How fast did Venus Williams fastest serve go?


Who holds fastest table tennis serve?

Aaron Savannah

What is the speed for the second fastest men's serve?

Andy Roddick's former record of 155 mph (249 kph) is now the second fastest men's serve. The fastest serve record is held by Ivo Karlovic of Croatia. His record serve of 156 mph (251 kph) was hit during a first round Davis Cup doubles match on March 5, 2011.

Where can you find a video of the world's fastest tennis serve that is not on YouTube?

Google Andy Roddick; he has the fastest serve right now at 157 (I think) mph. It might be on a tape or CD of the tournament he accomplished it in.

How fast does Rafael nadel serve?

Rafael Nadal's fastest serve was 135 mph. (217 km/h)

What is the fastest womens serve?

210 km/h by Chris Evert