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There is no such position in Ice Hockey

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Q: What specific training does centre midfield in hockey require?
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What are the names of the various positions on a soccer field?

Goalkeeper Right Back Right Centre Back Left Cetre Back Left Back Right Midfield Right Centre Midfield Left Centre Mifield Left midfield Right Centre Forward (Striker) Left Centre Forward (striker)

What are the playing positions found in soccer?

goalkeeper sweeper centre back right back left back right wing back left wing back defensive midfield central midfield attacking midfield right midfield left midfield right wing left wing centre forward striker

What is center midfield?

Centre midfield is where the midfielder generally plays up the centre of the pitch. The midfielder being a player who links defence and attack and has a moderately free role.

Did modric play for zagreb?

Luka Modric plays in Centre Midfield or Attacking Midfield

Where does Dixon etuhu play?

Etuhu is a player who most consistently plays for Fulham in the position on Centre Defensive Midfield (CDM) however sometimes he is pushed up to Centre Midfield (CM)

What position does Jimmy Bullard play for hull city?

Centre Of The Midfield

What position did franz beckenbauer play?

Full Back and Centre Defensive Midfield.

What is the name of all barcalona football players?

The current Barcelona FC squad as of July 2013, with the player name, position and number:Victor Valdes, Keeper, 1José Manuel Pinto, Keeper, 13Oier Olazábal, Keeper, 22Gerard Piqué, Centre Back, 3Carles Puyol, Centre Back, 5Javier Mascherano, Centre Back, 14Marc Bartra, Centre Back, 15Jordi Alba, Left-Back, 18Adriano, Left-Back, 21Dani Alves, Right-Back, 2Martín Montoya, Right-Back, 19Sergio Busquets, Defensive Midfield, 16Alex Song, Defensive Midfield, 25Xavi, Central Midfield, 6Andrés Iniesta, Central Midfield, 8Jonathan dos Santos, Central Midfield, 12Sergi Roberto, Central Midfield, 17Cesc Fábregas, Attacking Midfield, 26Ibrahim Afellay, Left Wing, 20Cristian Tello, Left Wing, 37Pedro, Right Wing, 7Alexis Sánchez, Right Wing, 9Isaac Cuenca, Right Wing, 23Lionel Messi, Centre Forward, 10Neymar, Centre Forward, 11

What are the formations in field hockey?

You have a goalie You sometimes have a sweeper You have a right defence, centre defence and left defence. (not all games have centre) You have a right midfield, centre midfield and left midfield. (not all games have centre) You have a right striker, centre striker and left striker. (not all games have centre)

Who is the best centre midfield player in soccer?

They are Gerrard,Xavi,Fabregas,kaka,Iniesta,cristiano ronaldo,Pirlo.

When was Winlaton Youth Training Centre created?

Winlaton Youth Training Centre was created in 1956.

When did Winlaton Youth Training Centre end?

Winlaton Youth Training Centre ended in 1993.