What is center midfield?

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Centre midfield is where the midfielder generally plays up the centre of the pitch. The midfielder being a player who links defence and attack and has a moderately free role.

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Q: What is center midfield?
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What are all of the positions in soccer?

Striker Central Forward Left Forward Right Forward Left Mid Field Right Mid Field Left Center Midfield Right Center Midfield Defensive Midfield Center Defensive Midfield Left Defensive Midfield Right Defensive Midfield Defensive Attacking Midfield Left/Right Defensive Attacking Midfield Central/Left/Right Midfield Left Wing Back Right Wing Back Center Back/Sweeper Left/Right Corner Back Goalkeeper Central Attacking Defensive Center Back Central Forward Midfield

What is an offensive position in soccer?

There are four offensive positions, Foward, Center Midfield, Right Midfield, and Left midfield

What does cam mean in football?

cam means center attacking midfield this is a position just infront of the center midfield which supports the attack

Do you have to be strong to play center midfield?

no it is not necessary, but it helps

What do center do in soccer?

A center in soccer [midfield]does defends and attacks so your need to be fast.

Is defensive midfield a good position?

If your talking about soccer , yes. Any type of position in midfield or forward is good. Usually the "center" midfield is the best and the forwards ("stikers") are good too.

Duties of a soccer player?

Goalkeeper Center-Backs -defense Wing-backs - defense Center field - Midfield Holding Midfield - Defensive mid Attacking Midfield - Attacking mid Left and Right Wing - Midfield Strikers - Forwards Defense - Defend Midfield - Assisting in Defense and Attack, Creating Opportunities, Passing the ball around Fowards - Scoring and Assisting goals.

What are the positions in playing football?

There are many, as it depends on the formation a team is playing in. The general positions for a 4,4,2 formation are are: - goal keeper (1) - defense - center defense (2) - full backs (2) - midfield - center midfield (2) - left / right midfield (2) -striker (2) Other positions which vary according to formations include: - wingers - sweeper - center forward - attacking / defensive midfield

In soccer who wears the number 10?

the midfield in the center who rganizes the team

In Football what is the name for a midfield position?

Their are 3 positions of midfield. Left mid, Center mid, Right mid, one person on the left, one on the right and my be 2 people for center mid.

How many players are on the field for each soccer team and what positions are they?

There are normally 11 players on the field. The traditional positions include center, right wing, left wing, center midfield, right midfield, left midfield, stopper, right defense, left defense, sweeper and goalie.

Who is Britain's femail center midfield hockey player?

you spelt "female" wrong

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