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There were a couple:

1) "April Sun in Cuba", a song back from the 1970's the Kiwi group Dragon

2) "Why Does Love Do This To Me", originally performed by Kiwi band The Exponents

Clearly, you need to be Kiwi to know these songs.

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Q: What song did the crowd sing after the All Blacks win over France in the 2011 Rugby World Cup final?
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What song did the crowd sing after the All Blacks win over the Wallabies at the Rugby World Cup?

Why does love do this to me - The Exponents

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A rugby player is seen as the muscular, lean, fit athlete. This year (2011) the all blacks had new uniforms. They had very tight fitting tops and shorts. This exposed the all blacks muscular bodies to the public eye. Therfore sending the message that the body is being portrayed as a "sex object". The all blacks gained attention form the media and the public not only for the skills and capabilities but also for their tight fitting tops. For example when Sonny Bill Williams top ripped and he had to get a replacement top the crowd cheered louder than what they did for a try. Thus giving the idea that most people are watching the sport to see abdominals rather then try's.

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