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the name of the song is o fortuna and it is a classical song.

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Q: What song did the New England Patriots play when unveiling their championship banners?
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What is the song used to present the New England Patriots' Super Bowl banner on opening day 2004? "Then, as choral music blared from the loudspeakers and fireworks shot into the air, the covering was dropped from the banner that read, "New England Patriots, World Champions 2003." Placed just to the right of the Super Bowl XXXVI championship banner, the new banner also has the Patriots logo as well as the Super Bowl XXXVIII logo. Fans cheered as the banner was unveiled and then Kraft said, "Now, I am proud to introduce the team and coaching staff that brought us this banner, your world champion New England Patriots." I stumbled upon this while shopping for super bowl banners, article states the music was "choral". I hope this helps

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