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a little bigger than a Baseball

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Q: What softball size do girls under 7 years play with?
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Seventy girls play soccer in the fall and sixty girls play softball in spring Forty-five girls play both how many girls play soccer softball or both?

130 girls play softball, soccer, or both

Who uses a softball?

girls or men who play softball

Do girls play softball in Spain?

yes girls do play softball in spain- if you don't beleive me, go to Spain!

Do guys play softball?

yes,guys can play soccer but, softball is mostly for girls

What are some similarities between girls baseball and girls softball?

They both pretty much do the same thing except for in softball you can pitch with a full circle arm or an underhand throw but in girls baseball you can only throw under hand. Most of the time girls don't play baseball more than likely almost all girls that play a type of baseball play softball.

What sport can ONLY girls play?


Why was softball made?

because softball is awesome and girls deserve to play too!

Can both boys and girls play softball?

Not many boys play softball but it is not illegal. im 11 and i almost pitch bbetter softball than baseball. ( i play baseball). so if i could find a league that guys play softball, i would go there definitly. the reason most girls play softball because back ago, girls were not allowed to play baseball so they created softball. it was just a sexus thing to do.

How many girls play fastpitch softball in the US?


How farr is it from the pitchers mound to home plate in softball?

12,16,18 and under play from 40 feet and 10 years and under play from 35 feet

How did softball begin?

Softball began on thanksgiving day, quite a few years ago. A few girls wanted to play baseball, but wanted a softer and bigger ball.

What sports to Japan girls do?

girls in Japan play softball and also do gymnastics.

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