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Q: What soccer team is better France or Greece?
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What is the Greece soccer team called?


What is Greece's soccer team called?


What soccer team has the most fans in France?


What is greece's soccer team's nickname?

The Pirate Ship

What was the first soccer team to be invented?

ancient greece

Does Paris France have a soccer team?

It is called Paris Saint German. Also better known as P.S.G.

Is the Mexican soccer team better than the us soccer team?


What are the team colors for greece soccer?

The colors are blue and white

What are the team colors for Greece soccer team?

the team colors a blue and white (there flag colors)

How can you try out for a French soccer team?

Go to France

Is the Greek soccer team good?

There is no "Greek" Soccer team. I think you mean is Greece a good soccer team?? they're not great...they're a very average team...maybe lower than average

What soccer team is better than Brazil's 1970 team?

There was no team better than Brazil at that time.

What is the worst soccer team?

It is France in the 2010 world cup.

What are the team colors for France soccer?

red, white, and blue

Is Philippe Mexes from the soccer team France Muslim?

No he is not a muslim.

What kind of drills does a professional soccer team do?

They do all kinds of drills to help the soccer team get better.

Do Greece people play soccer?

Yes, Greece has an international team that plays in the world cup as well as the superleague.

Does Greece have a soccer team?

Greece has several divisions of professional football teams and a national team which won the European Championship a few years ago.

Who is better in soccer Mexico or Uruguay?

Uruguay is deff. a better team

Who are France soccer team?

It the football team which represents France on the international stage. It was founded in 1904 and is one of the most popular and honoured team in history.

What team is better in soccer Mexico or Peru?


What soccer team is better Germany or Italy?


Which team is better Italy or Argentina in soccer?

It is Italy.

Which European Club Soccer team is most popular in the US?


Who is the Current world champion soccer team?