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catching the soccer ball because forfield players they aren't aloud to use their hands and arms, so yeah the skill they use that other players don't use is catching the soccer ball.

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Q: What soccer skill is employed only by the goalkeeper?
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Who is the only player that can use any body part to stop the a soccer ball?


What is the only position called that allows the player to use their hands in soccer?

GoalKeeper (Goalie)

How do you play soccer with your hands?

Soccer is played with your any part of your body except the hands. The only person that can use there hands is a goalkeeper.

How do you be a good soccer goalkeeper?

The goalkeeper needs to have good eyesight, strong arms and should be agile , he should be quick on his feet as well.The goalkeeper must watch the ball only for the whole game.

Why can only goalie use hands in soccer?

The goalkeeper can use every part of his body in the goal.

Is football-soccer the only sport you can't use your hands?

Some players can use their hands in soccer, like the goalkeeper or players taking throw-ins.

Who can use their hands when playing soccer?

During active play only the goalkeeper can use his hands. Out of active play anyone.

Be a goalkeeper in FIFA 10?

No. you can only be a goalkeeper on FIFA 11.

How is the skill of dribbling in soccer different from dribbling in basketball?

They are, in fact, very different from each other. Soccer dribbling only involves the feet and basketball only with hands.

Where does a soccer player work at?

Depends on his level of skill If very professional only at the pitch If low skill he normally has a sidejob unless it is enough to live of

How is a soccer game?

It is where you have 11 players on 2 teams (1 goalkeeper on each team), and you have to try and kick the ball into the goal. Only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hand. After 90 minutes the team with the most goals wins.

How many goal keepers are on a soccer team?

On a team there is only one goalkeeper on the pitch at one time. On a matchday squad there would usually be a substitute goalkeeper on the bench. At a football club there would usually be three goalkeepers or so.

Can a soccer goalkeeper cross center field?

Yes, they can go anywhere on the pitch. As long as they only handle the ball in their own 18 yard box.

Are there 0 positions in soccer?

The Laws of the Game define one (and only one) position: the Goalkeeper. Many coaches will say that there are no positions in soccer, because the players are not limited to only certain parts of the playing field; 'positions' are just strategical guidelines.

Can a defender head the ball back to the keeper in soccer?

Yes, and its also one of the only cases where the goalkeeper can use his hands to pick it up from a pass from the defense.

What does cat mean in soccer?

The likely answer relates to the position of the goalkeeper. A goalkeeper with quick instincts who can pull off point blank saves could be said to reflect like a cat. The most famous example of this is Lev Yashin who was a goalkeeper for Russia and Dynamo Moscow between 1950 and 1970. He is thought by many to be the greatest goalkeeper to ever play the game and is the only goalkeeper to have won the much coveted European Footballer of the year in 1963.

What is a goalkeeper in soccer?

The player in charge of making sure no goals get scored for the opposing team. They stand near the goal line. They are the only people on the field who get to use their hands.

Who is the only player who can touch the ball with his hands in soccer?

The designated goalkeeper for the team may use their hands and arms to touch the ball while in their own penalty area.

Is there more running in soccer or football?

Soccer. Not only is the game longer (90 minutes, compared to 48 minutes of football) but most if not all players stay on the field the entire game, and with the exception of the goalkeeper are almost always running.

What does it mean when a soccer player wears a hat?

The only football/soccer player who will wear a hat is the goalkeeper. This is because the sun is in their eyes. No other player on the pitch would wear a hat as they wouldn't be able to head the ball properly.

FIFA how to be goalkeeper?

Sadly You Can only be a Goalkeeper in FIFA 11

Can players score from inside the goalie box in soccer?

Yes. The only times other players aren't permitted in the penalty box are on the goalkeeper's goal kicks and on penalty kicks.

Why do you have to have a goalie in soccer?

You don't really need one unless you want to lose the game... The goalie or goalkeeper is the only person on the field who can use hands (in the 18 yard box).

What changes have been made to US soccer?

Soccer in the U.S. is the same kind of soccer as celebrated around the globe. The only difference is in the penalty shots. They have the abnormal "shoot outs", in which players have a cartain amount of seconds to transport the ball as close as possible to the goal and beat the goalkeeper to score.

What in soccer does a goalie do?

a goalie or 'goalkeeper' stops the ball from going into the net to prevent the opposition from going 1-0 up. He is the only person on the field allowed to use his hands in open play..