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Q: What small spiked wheels are on the end of spurs?
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How do you tell the sex of a python?

A male snake will have spurs near the end of his tail. If you look closely you can see two small little flaps near the end of his body. A female only has one little flap down there (lacking spurs)

When did Kansas City Spurs end?

Kansas City Spurs ended in 1970.

What is endplate spurs?

End plate hypertrophic spurring occurs in the bones of the spine. End plate hypertonic spurring is the development of bone spurs around the bones that protect the spinal discs.

When did Abrasive Wheels end?

Abrasive Wheels ended in 1983.

What is the difference between a flail and a morning star?

A flail has a flexible end, usually chains. A morning star has a fixed end and is more of a club.

How many wheels does a dump truck have?

It can have anywhere from four (a small pickup with a dump body) to 22 or more (tractor and end dump trailer with lifting tag axles). For a straight truck in the US, the most wheels you'll get on a vehicle is a configuration which is known as a 'centipede' - it's a straight dump truck (10 wheels) with four lifting tag axles (8 more wheels), for a total of 18 wheels.

When did Hot Wheels - TV series - end?

Hot Wheels - TV series - ended on 1971-09-04.

What does when the wheels come down mean?

The end of the journey/mission. You can relax "when the wheels come down". Originated with flying.

What were spikes attached to rider's heels?

The spike at the end of a knight's heel is called a spur.

Why do bull riders need spurs?

They have a strap that connects to one end of the spur which goes over the top of the boot and attaches to the other side of the spur. These straps are known as spur straps.

How do you use an archery bow?

it depends on what kind of bow you have, there are traditional bows which don't have cams(little wheels on the end) and there are compounds which do have wheels

What is the effect of using large or small wheels?

Large diameter wheels end up making a vehicle ride smoother because they rise over bumps more gradually. However, larger wheels are also heavier and have more gyroscopic force (the tendancy to stay rolling the same direction) so larger diameter wheels can be harder to change direction (fast turn-in to a corner). This effect is very noticeable in bicycles and motorcycles.