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it's called luge

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Q: What sled races down an icy track in the Olympic Games?
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What is a word for a sled that races down an icy track?

it is called a bobsled.

Which US state turned down Olympic games?

Colorado turned down the Olympic games. In 1972, Colorado informed the Olympic committee that they didn't want the 1976 Winter Olympic Games to be held in Colorado. They were awarded the games in 1970, but went back to the Olympic committee in 1972 and said they didn't want them.

How is the Olympic skeleton scored?

The Olympic skeleton is scored by racers who soar down the icy track headfirst at speeds approaching 100 mph.

How the olympic game skeleton is played?

you hop on a skeleton sled. and go down a ice track.

What is a skeleton in the olympic winter games?

Skeleton is a winter sport in which competitors aim to drive a one-person sled in a prone, head-first position down an ice track in the fastest time.

How can non-athletes get involved in the Olympic games?

run up and down the stairs

Did Colorado ever turn down the olympic games?

yes in the 1800's

Where can you find a list of the Olympic Games and their host cities?

Click on the 'Olympic Games Host Cities' link on this page and scroll down about 3/4 of the way to find the host cities of all Olympic Games dating back to 1896.

Is downloading games legal?

yes and the police can track you down if you do it more that once

How can normal people get involved in the olympic games?

they train everyday (run up and down the stairs )

Is the London olympic venues being torn down?

After the Games, some of the new facilities will be reused in their Olympic form, while others will be resized or relocated

Why did the number of athletes competing in the olympic games go down in 1904 1932 and 1956?

this website is shite

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