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Answer The Ability to defend is based on two principles: holding up play and by good positioning, moving, knowledge and application of practical defensive skills (usually referred to as Vision). You need to be good at the very basic skills required to play hockey like the following; General Defending Skills: * Delaying and holding up of play ahead of an opponent * Maintain low, balanced body position * Weight on balls of feet ready to move in any direction * Ability to keep your eye on the ball and not the player or stick * Ability to carry the ball on the open and reverse stick side. * Passing accurately. * Speed moving in any direction fast. * Accurate Pushing. * Slap Hit/Push. * Receiving the ball (also referred to as "first touch" by many coaches). * Receiving the ball from the front, left and right. * Ability to move the ball left to right in front of your body with short and long drags from left to right (Indian Dribble). * Closing down and channeling * Marking well positioning yourself between the goal and the attacker well (Goal Side). Tackling Skills: * The Jab * Flat stick block tackle open stick * Flat stick block tackle reverse stick (this does not mean the rounded side of the stick) * Good at Interception

Clearing Skills * The Hit * Clip Hit * Sweep * The Flick * Aerials Please do have a look at a selection of training and skills videos i have on the link below

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Blocking,Stealing,Double-teaming and turning the ball over

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Defenders in Ice Hockey are the two players in the back. They are to help the golie in their zone and keep the puck in the offensive zone.

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Q: What skills are needed for defenders in hockey?
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Mention three skills in hockey?

Three skills in hockey are skating, passing, and stick handling. Shooting and goalie skills are a couple more skills in hockey.

What are some skills in hockey?

Field HockeyStickhandlingHittingSlap ShotSnap ShotWrist ShotDekesAnglingScoringPassingShootingIce Hockey

Skills requirement for playing field hockey in Astroturf?

Many skills are involved in hockey its self, but to play on astro turf, speed is needed because the ball does not stop once it is hit. Compared to grass, turf is a high speed game. The basic skills such as a drag, push, hit, slap hit, pass, jink are the most important ones.

What are the trades and skills of Maryland?

hockey and DOMO!

What is needed to protect your ears from harmful sounds which destroy hearing?

Ear defenders.

What is a hockey clinic?

It is when a coach, pro, or experienced in hockey teaches you and improves your skills over sessions. :)

What are hockey backs?

Hockey backs are the defenders. They aren't the goalie but they help defend on behalf of the goalie. If you are playing a weak team being a back can be quite boring but if you are challenging a strong team it can be quite an interesting game for you.

What does the right inner do in field hockey?

They play more or less in a midfield position. This means that they help the strikers to score and help the defenders to defend.

What equipment is neeeded for hockey?

Skates, socks, hockey socks (a.k.a. legwarmers XD), jocks, knee pads, hockey pants, jersey, neck guard, helmet, mouthguard, chest protector, and elbow pads are needed in hockey, but more equipment is needed for goalies.

What training is needed for field hockey?

goli traning

What are three attack skills in hockey?

1 positioning. being on the post or right next to the goalkeeper will give you very easy shots on goal (goalie stops the ball it will land at your feet 1m from the line) 2 control keeping the ball close to your stick makes it a lot harder for defenders to steal 3 Pushing the ball Inside the D there is most likely a lot of defenders. If you go for a big swing the ball will be taken before you can hit the ball A quick fast push is not only harder to steal but more controlled and less predictable

How manyperiods in an olympic hockey game?

three just like regular hockey. there is also an overtime and shootout if needed