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if you can do that you can do a good solid reverse kickflip my friend

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Q: What skateboarding trick is a kickflip with the board in reverse?
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What is a skateboarding trick with 8 letters?


What is pop in skateboarding?

Pop is when you step on the tail or nose of a skateboard to "pop" the board off the ground. You pop the board when someone is doing a trick and needs to ollie first (like a kickflip).

Can someone wright done the hardest trick in skateboarding?

triple kickflip impossible tradeflip double varial heelflip

Is it known who invented the Kickflip?

The Kickflip was invented by Rodney Mullen. It is known as a skateboarding trick and called the flip kick. It was started in 1983 from watching kicks like this in the 70's.

What are the names of jumps in skateboarding?

there are many different flips and tricks in skateboarding. for example, a kickflip, originally called the magic flip, is just a simple turn to the backside of yourself, in other words, the board does 1 single turn towards you, you use the same tequnique for this trick as an ollie, but you kick your foot off the side of the board when you get close to the front of it.

What are some skateboarding nicknames?

are u trying 2 say trick names there are ollies nollies kickflip etc. check some at tech

What is the most popular skateboarding trick of all time?

The Ollie......everyone knows that well either the Ollie or kickflip but I'm pretty sure it's the ollie

What is is street surfing?

skateboarding with a longboard, not a trick board, and carving/bombing down hills

What is the name of a trick with 5 kickflips?

It would be a quadruple kickflip + a kickflip XD

What is a benihana?

A benihana is an aerial trick in skateboarding in which one hand grabs the tail of the board and the back foot is released from the board.

How do I land a kickflip better in skateboarding?

First of all you have to know how to kickflip! How to land a kickflip better is pop it as high as you can and the foot that kicks out to make it flip, put it down a bit lower on your grip. This took me like 8 weeks to learn but once you get the trick landed you will feel so good and all your friends will be so happy! Hope you larn a kickflip:)

What is an airwalk?

An airwalk is a skateboarding trick in which the skater holds the board and kicks out with both feet in the air.

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