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12 inch

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Q: What size softball fast pitch bat should a 13 year old girl use?
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Related questions

How fast can a girl pitch in softball'?

not as fast as a man

How fast does an average 12 year old girl pitch in slow-pitch softball?

A 12 year old girl should be anywhere from 40-47mph.

What size mitt should an 11 year girl use for fast pitch softball?

Whatever size mitt fits your hand.

What is a fast speed for an 8TH grader to pitch?

i know a girl that can pitch a softball 65 mph. she is 13 years old

How fast can a softball pitcher pitch?

when i watched softball championship i saw a girl pitch 64 mph so there you go Eddie, the King, Feigner, of the world famous King and His Court was reputed to pitch a softball in excess of 120 m.p.h.

How many games should a 12u girl pitch in fastpitch softball?

it depends how many games are at the tournament.

How fast does the average 10 year old girl pitch?

A 10 year old girl should pitch about 40-55mph.

Watch is the fasted softball pitch ever?

The fastest softball pitch ever recored was from a 18 year old girl from Texas at the speed of 95!!

What are the differences in the sports baseball and softball?

Softball has girls playing. Baseball has boys playing. The softball is 2 as big as a baseball. Girl Pitchers pitch underarm boy pitchers pitch over hand.

If a girl throws a 12 inch softball 45 mph how fast would she throw a 11 inch softball?

45 mph

How fast does the average 11 year old girl pitch in fast pitch softball?

It varies between how much you practice how much power you have your arm and footwork Im 11 And Pitch 58 usually on a good day maybe 63 but fot every foot you leap of the mound you get 3 mph per foot you leap

How fast can a girl pitch?

In college usually 60-75mph

How fast should a 14 year girl pitch?

start off slow then gradually go faster for more fun ;)

How many different batting orders does a girl's fast-pitch softball team of 10 players have if it doesn't matter who bats last?


How fast should a 13 year old girl pitch?

It depends on how much they practice and workout. So anywhere from 45-55 miles an hour.

What is a softball pitcher?

A softball pitcher is the girl in the circle on the mound in the center of the field. She is the girl who pitches the ball to the batters.

How fast should a fifteen year old girl run a mile?

Depends on how fast they are

What is a good softball nickname for a girl named Emmalee?

A good softball nickname for a girl named Emmalee: Emma; Lee; Em

How fast does the average 8 year old girl pitch?

35 mph would be about average.

Who is the fastest American girl softball pitcher and how fast did she throw?

jennie finch or monica abbott...thowing mid 60's-75 mph

How fast do 13 year old girls pitch softballs?

Honestly, It depends on the girl. Some don't even pitch 40, while others pitch nearly 60.

How fast does a 10 year old pitch in softball?

My daughter is 10 and we have clocked her at 58-61. She's one of the smaller girls on the team, but she has been going to pitching lessons twice a week for 2 and a half years. The more practice a girl gets the faster she will throw

What is the farthest softball hit by a girl?

237 feet

What is a good nickname for a girl softball player?


What is recommend bat size for a girl in slow pitch softball?

The size, strength and hand speed of the player is some information needed to give any reasonable recommendation.