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12 inch

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Q: What size softball do you use for girls 12 and under?
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What size ball does age 12 and under use to play softball?

12 inches

Does 12 and under use a 11 softball?

If you mean the size they use 12 inch. Hope i helped!

What size softball does 14 and under use?

14in. or 12in. But I'm preety sure its 14in.

What is the difference between boys and girls softball?

In boys softball they use a bigger ball than the girls =)

Can you use a composite bat in girls softball?

Yes you can.

What size glove does a 2nd baseman use in fast pitch softball?

It depends on the age. Younger girls use a 10 inch glove, older girls use at least a 12 inch glove.

Why do baseball players not use a softball?

Because of the size of the field that baseball is played on, the use of a softball would be irrational.

What size ball does mens league softball use?

12 inch

What size is 8U softball?

This may vary in the league you play in, but almost all 8U leagues use an 11" softball.

Is there a difference between men's softball bats and women's softball bats?

yes there is a difference because a major league baseball bat is wood and a girls are metal. also i minor leagues girls say softball and boys say baseball. once my friend was using a baseball bat and was hitting better. in softball you can not use a baseball bat! ---- never use a baseball bat in softball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In girls fastpitch softball can the catcher catch a foul ball in her helmet?

No, in no level of softball or baseball can you use your helment or hat to catch a ball

What size glove do softball players use?

14 inch or 12 inch!

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