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All Rugby games are required to use the IRB standard ball size for any matches. Only exclusions to this is junior rugby

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Q: What size rugby ball do the all blacks use?
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Who are the All Blacks and what sport do they play?

The All Blacks are the national Rugby Union team of New Zealand.

What sport is the all blacks for?


What sized ball do the all blacks play with?

I think they play with a size 5

How did the All Blacks get they name from. When did All Blacks first start playing Rugby. How many players were playing Rugby.?

Their black kit

Who is James Nicholas?

He is a rugby boss in the All Blacks. He is a rugby boss

What country is the All Blacks rugby team from?

All Blacks rugby team is from New Zealand. All Blacks rugby team doesn't compete in the World Cup, but it has competed in the Churchil Cup and in the Pacific Nations Cup.

Is the all blacks part of nrl?

No The All Blacks are the New Zealand Rugby Union National Squad. NRL is National Rugby League

How do you put tattoos on created players in all blacks rugby challenge?

you can not put tattoo on a created player in all blacks rugby challenge

Which game do the all blacks play?


What went well at the rugby world cup in rugby?

that the all blacks won

What is the ball you play rugby with called?

Its called "A Rugby Ball" simple as that - There are different manufactures of these balls but they are all a rugby ball

The all blacks always beat the wales at rugby?