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He wears a size 7XL

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Q: What size jersey does Sebastian Janikowski wear?
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What size jersEy does a Alex Rodriguez wear?

Extra Large

What size nfl jersey should I wear I'm about 5'11 and 165 lbs?

probably a Large i.e. 50 or XL i.e. 52. The 52 will be big but will have room to wear shirt or sweatshirt underneath.

What size of basketball jersey would a 5'8 person wear?

This is not a very well thought out question as a person who is 5' 8" can conceivably weigh anything. The proper jersey size would depend ore on the person's frame.

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what did the new jersey settlers wear

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One can find a kid's size Toronto Maple Leafs jersey online at a website called Kids Fanatic, also stores that specialize in sports wear and gear other places one could find a kid's size Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.

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he has mostly worn a size 48 over the years with custom cut length and custom cut sleeves but recently i believe he made the switch to a size 50

What size jersey does Cristiano Ronaldo wear?

Jordan wore a size 50. Which would be a L size jersey.

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A girl shouldn't wear anything but a thong with a jersey.

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Fernando Torres.plays number 9 in both of his clubs at the Liverpool and Spain his number 9.

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It's not their home jersey, it's not their away jersey, it's also known as the third jersey,and they wear it for special occations to be determined at the start of the season.