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The official NBA Basketball backboard is 72 inches (6ft) by 42 inches (3.5ft)

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Q: What size is the square on the backboard?
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What are the markings on a basketball backboard?

how do we find out the size of the markings of the inner square on the backboard

What size is the square on a basketball backboard?

2 by 2

What size is the square inside the backboard?

2 feet by 60 feet

What is the NBA official backboard size?

The official size of an NBA blackboard is 72" wide, by 42" in height. The inner square on the backboard is 24" wide x 18" in height.

What is the size of the square on the backboard of a basketball hoop?

Type your answer here... 24"x18"

Where is the shooting square located on a basketball backboard?

on the backboard above the rim

What is the square area called on basketball backboard?

Box Square area painted or taped above the rim on the backboard.

What is the square on a basketball backboard called?

Its called a shooters square

Where on a backboard is the square?

Its right above the rim

Can you inbound a basketball hitting the front of the backboard?

If you throw it in the square on the backboard correctly. it will most likely go in. :D

What is the square thing on the back of a basketball hoop called?

It is commonly known as a basketball backboard.

What year was the square added to the backboard?

The day i was born.

What is the target size on a regulation size basketball backboard?

24 x 18

What is the size of the backboard in the NBA?

The NBA backboard is a rectangle measuring 6 inches horizontally and 3 (and a half) inches vertically

What is the regulation size of NBA backboard?

72 inch

What is standard size of backboard for high school?


How thick is a regulation size basketball backboard?

4 inches

What are the measurements of the red box in the middle of a basketball backboard?

The outside measurement of the painted square on a regulation Size Basketball goal is 24"wide by 18" tall

What is the dimension of a shooters square?

A professional basketball backboard has a square known as a shooter's square just above the rim. This square is 24 inches wide and 18 inches tall.

What size is a high school basketball backboard?

6 feet wide by 3.5 feet high.

What diameter size basketball goal for 3 size ball?

A size 3 ball requires a size 3 hoop. A size 3 hoop is a 14" diameter hoop. (Usually with a 32" backboard.)

What is a backboard in basketball?

the backboard is behind the basketball hoop

What is the height of the basketball backboard?

If you are just needing the dimensions of the backboard itself - the backboard is 42" in height and 72" in width.

Where should you aim at the basket?

at the front of the rim you should aim at the backboard behind the hoop, the orange square:)

What size is the standard driveway basketball backboard?

It is usually about 15 by 12 in at the smallest and 24 by 25 at the largest.