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All Olympic size ice rinks are 30m x 61m, or 98ft x 200ft.

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Q: What size is the Vancouver Olympic Figure Skating Rink?
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Where is figure skating done at?

an ice rink

Where does figure skating take place in?

an ice rink.

What is the name of the olympic hockey rink?

The rink that the 2010 Vancouver Olympic hockey games were played was called Canada Hockey Place. It is also the home of the NHL team, the Vancouver Canucks, and is called General Motors Place.

Where is the speed skating rink in BC?

Richmond has a Long Track 400m speed skating oval, created for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Roller Skating is done from which side?

What are you talking about. You can skate on any side of the rink. I figure skate.

What is 'skating rink' in Romanian?

Patinoár is a Romanian equivalent of 'skating rink'.

When was Victoria Skating Rink created?

Victoria Skating Rink was created in 1862.

Who doesn't Linda argue with at the skating rink?

whom does linda argue with at the skating rink

Is skating on the ice skating or watching other people skate?

Ice skating is actually putting on skates and getting out on the ice. There are two kinds of skating. There is Figure Skating, which is the more graceful dancing kind, and Speed Skating, which is just racing on the rink.

What does it mean to go skating?

It means to go to a skating rink (either ice skating or roller skating), putting on skates, and then skating. The form of skates and the type of rink you need depends on what type of skating you wish to do.

What does je vais a la patinoire?

I'm going to the skating rink (probably the ice skating rink, but not necessarily)

What does a la patinoire mean in English?

skating No, it means at the ice-skating rink (skating is le patinage) It actually means ice rink