What size is cheerleading industry?

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2010-04-11 03:53:55

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do u mean what size should a person be or the number of people on a tem?

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2010-04-11 03:53:55
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Q: What size is cheerleading industry?
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Can you be a cheerleader if you are slim?

You can do cheerleading if your any size

Can fat people be cheerleaders?

i belive that anyone can be a cheerleader no matter what there size is. cheerleading is for fun so who cares about size

What is the average cost of cheerleading uniform for one person?

In my cheerleading uniform for competitions or shows are £75 but we are the younger group (8-12). If you're older it could be more...ask your cheerleading coach. It could also depend on your size.

What is the size of the catering industry?

the size of the catering industry is masive and evry day enlarges

What is the estimated size of Indian express industry?

i need to know the size of Indian express industry.

Is cheerleading one word or two?

Cheerleading, one word.

How have cheerleading uniforms facilities and equipment changed?

Cheerleading uniforms have changed dramatically over the years. The biggest way they have changed is the size and fit. Uniforms used to be somewhat modest and bigger on the cheerleaders.

How do you say she does cheerleading in Spanish?

ella hace cheerleading that means she does cheerleading in spanish

What is the size of the fashion industry?


Is there cheerleading in Australia?

There is very little cheerleading at schools but there is cheerleading at professional sport games

What is cheerleading in Welsh?

Cheerleading in welsh is: llonni which means to cheer. there is no actua word for cheerleading.

What is Pop Warner Cheerleading?

pop warner cheerleading is like an optimist or recreation cheerleading.

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