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If by a competitive swim team pool, you mean olympic size swimming pool, it is 50m Long and 25 m wide.

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Q: What size is a competitive swim team pool?
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Does ole miss have a swim team?

It appears that they have an intramural but not an SEC competitive team at this time.

What is an analogy for a smooth endoplasmic reticulum in a swim team?

the hallways of the pool place

Does university of Alabama have a club swim team?

Yes, it is called Crimson Tide Aquatics and it is a USA swim club team in the Southeastern Swimming LSC. They swim in the University of Alabama Pool.

What is the work like as a swimming coach?

Being a swim coach can be very hard, depending on what time. If you are talking about a competitive swim coach, than I can tell you that it is very hard work. Competitive swim coaches often have to spend there time at five 'o'clock in the morning on a pool deck coaching aspiring swimmers. Also they spend their evenings coaching. They also have to spend some of their personal time talking to swim parents and having meetings with the swim team council. A swim coach is a very difficult job!

Swim team races in a pool 25 yards long how many laps must a person swim to finish a 400 yard?


Where can one find a swim team to join?

There are various websites up and running for perusal to enable one to join a local swim team. Several clubs offer competitive price lists and details of how to sign up.

Volleyball net size?

It really depends on your age level and how competitive your team is.

Which starting block should you use if the pool is only 5' deep?

Be sure to make this a very shallow dive. Our swim team dove from the regular side of the pool.

What is a swim team?

A swim team is a group of competitive swimmers that swim ___ laps depending on the age of the swimmer. They have different heats if there are a lot of swimmers in the same event. 4 strokes are swam, Freestyle, Backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. There are also relays with 4 swimmers, and a IM (individual medley) which is all 4 strokes in one race. If you want to see a very competitive level of kid swimming then search USA swimming.

Does Appalachian State have a swim team?

Appalachian State no longer has a varsity swim team, due to lack of funding. However they do have a competitive swim club and they are an official member of the Appalachian Club Sports on campus. They travel all around the country to compete against other collegiate swim clubs and travel to Georgia Tech every year to swim at the East Coast Championships, where over 40 swim clubs attend.

The swimming sport can be competitive?

Yes, swimming can be competitive and fun. During swim practice you might want to do some different exercises to help every part of your body. We sometimes have scrimmages at our pool to see who would be the best swimmer from our school/college. When it comes to swim meets it is competitive. Sometimes you only think about winning. But no matter what if you win or loose you still tried your best. If you get on the starting block sometimes your adrenalin will kick in (do not do a belly flop into the pool) Try to dive in as best as you can and hopefully you will get an advantage. You will sometimes see what place you come in. Usually after all races are done you will see which school/college/team has won.

When was Competitive Cyclist Racing Team created?

Competitive Cyclist Racing Team was created in 2010.

How many people can be in a swimming team?

Any number of people can be on a swimming team. The number depends on the size of the pool and the times that the team is allowed to practice.

How much do you get paid if you are on a swim team?

If you are talking about a professional swim team, I don't know, but for kids and teens and college, you have to pay to be on the swim team

What does a polo player use to play?

water polo swim suite, a pool, team mates and there opponets also the water polo ball

Is swim team dangerous?

Not unless you can't swim.

What is a swim off in water polo?

Swim off is the term given to the start of a quarter when two players, one from each team, swims from each side of the pool to the middle where the referee places the ball. The first person there wins the ball for their team for the start of the quarter.

Can you swim in a skirted swim suit?

If you are on a swim team you could wear a skirted suit as a drag suit, that way you shave even more time at meets... If you just mean in a local pool or in your back yard, of course. The only thing a skirted swim suit would do is slow you down.

The water polo team is in a pool They are not getting wet What kind of pool are they in?

The water polo team is in a car pool.

What is the term swim-off in water polo?

Swim off is the term given to the start of a quarter when two players, one from each team, swims from each side of the pool to the middle where the referee places the ball. The first person there wins the ball for their team for the start of the quarter.

Is swimming an individual or team event?

It can be both - sometimes you are competing for you team or for yourself, but if you mean if you swim as a team, then no. You can swim FOR a team, but not as a team. So it is individual if you mean it that way.

What are the positions on a swim team?

since i am on the swim team i know there's freestyle, fly, backstroke, and breaststroke.

What are the ratings and certificates for Swim Team - 1979?

Swim Team - 1979 is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG

What actors and actresses appeared in Swim - 2012?

The cast of Swim - 2012 includes: Megan Coglizer as Swim Team Member Aden Cotter as Charlotte Lucie Johnson as Swim Team Member Arianna McGregor as April Anna Moldovan as Swim Team Member Drew Senay as Coach Haley Victoria Hunt as Swim Team Member

If most of your swim team is coughing bad enough to have to stop swimming should you be worried about the recent increase in chlorine?

ask the pool if they put more chlorine in