What size is a college football?

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very big

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Q: What size is a college football?
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Size of a standard college football versus a pro football?

A college size football is about the same as highschool size football Pro is a size up from college

High school football size vs. NFL football size?

college football size vs. high school football size

Which football is easiest to punt a high school size football an nfl size or a college size?

They are all the same size

Is a college football and high school football the same size?


Are college and pro football the same size?

no they are different sizes

Is there a difference between a football used in high school and a football used in college?

yes, college and nfl footballs are the same size, but high school footballs have their own size

Is a college football size different from an NFL football size?

Yes, an NCAA football is smaller than the NFL ball. This size difference makes transistion to the NFL hard for QBs and Kickers.

How big is West Texas A and M university football field?

The size of the regulation college football field.

What is the average size of college football running backs?

200 lbs, and bih

College football and pro football?

college football is when you are in college and pro football is when you are out of college and also in pro football you get paid but not college football. you can get into pro by being a college player and getting drafted into pro.

How did college become football?

College never became football. People in college play football.

Is there a standard size for college footballs?

i have no idea sorry but maybe a football coach would know

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