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his boots are UK 8 and 3/4

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Q: What size is David Beckham football boots?
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What size are david beckham 's Adidas football boots?

He wears a size 8 (UK) shoe... 

What is David Beckham's shoe size?

His Adidas boots are sized UK 8 and 3/4.

What size feet is David Beckham?

Size 9

What is David beckhams shirt size?

David Beckham's shirt size is XL

David Beckhams shoe size?

UK soccer player David Beckham wears a shoe size of 10 US mens respectively.

In Adidas Football Boots What is the UK size for US10?

A US 10 is a UK 9.

What size is David Beckham chest?

I don't know, but it's not amazing. He's chest is somehow... flat?

What size is David Beckham's feet?

UK 7.75

Where can one find more information about football boots for size 9?

You can find information about football boots for size 9 at the Sports Shoes website. Once on the page, hover over "Shoes" in the top navigation menu and click on "Football." Then click on "Size 9" in the left side navigation to bring up the items. Click on an item to learn more information about it.

What size is Victoria beckham?

Victoria Beckham is reportedly a size 2. Of course, this depends on what she is wearing and what day it is.

Is Hannah too big for her boots?

No she is a size four and so are her boots! No she is a size four and so are her boots!

What type of shoes can you purchase from boots size 3?

There are many types of shoes that can be purchased in a size 3. Boots such as knee highs or thigh highs are types of shoes which are quite long in length compared to most common shoes. There are different styles of boots too, such as Wellington boots (generally made of rubber), Ugg boots (made from sheepskin) and cowboy boots (generally made from cowhide leather). There are also sport styled shoes, designed for particular sports and athletics. For example, football boots would be purchased to wear when playing football.

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