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David Beckham plays for A.C.Milan. He is there on a years loan from the L.A Galaxy.

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Q: For which club does davtd beckham play recently?
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Which Club does beckham play for?

la galaxy

Which club does David Beckham play for 2010?


What football club does David Beckham currrently play for?

David Beckham plays soccer, not football.

What club does David Beckham play for?

LA Galaxy and England

Which club did david beckham play against last in Manchester united jersey?

number 7

When is beckham going to play for ac milan?

David Beckham has already joint A.c.Milan, and now the talk is that he might join the English club Tottenham Hotspur.

What league does David Beckham play for?

MlS (major league soccer. Club is LA galaxy Happy sex!

What football teams have David Beckham play for?

what team did david beckham used to play for

What Position did David Beckham Play?

David Beckham plays Right midfield, but has the capacity to play in the centre of the park.

Does David Beckham play Striker?

No, David Beckham plays as a right midfielder.

Did David Beckham play for Tottenham?


Did David Beckham play lacrosse?


Where does David Beckham play for?

David Beckham plays his football with soccer club LA Galaxy, but at present is experiencing negative feed back from the fans and should / i hope returns to Man Utd no it played in real Madrid

Does David Beckham play for Milan?

David Beckham is now retired from professional football.

Which club does beckham play for in winning eleven 2010?

La galaxy- he was on loan at AC Milan in 2010 aswell- I doubt he is in the game for any club team-- try England's reserve players he may be there

Does Victoria beckham like football?

Oh yes Victoria Beckham likes football, as she is from England and watches David Beckham play.

Did David Beckham ever play in the Olympics?


What sport did David Beckham play?


What sport does David Beckham play?


Did David Beckham play for barcalona?

no he didn't

What team did David Beckham not play on?


Who does beckham play for?

Beckham now plays for Los Angeles, though he is currently on loan to Milan.

What team did David Beckham play for when he was 16?

When Beckham was 16 he was drafted to the Manchester Youth Team.

What MLB team does Gordon Beckham play for?

Gordon Beckham plays for the Chicago White Sox.

What MLB team does Tim Beckham play for?

Tim Beckham plays for the Tampa Bay Rays.