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Q: What size football do high schools use?
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Size of a high school football?

high school use adult size football. And most high school leagues use a collage style ball instead of a pro style

What size football does high school use?

The size of a football used in high school is 11.5 inches long. It has a diameter of 6.7 inches around.

What size basketball do high schools use?

for girls its a 8.5 lb ball

Can you use your own helmet for high school football?

This depends entirly on the school, why not ask your football coach? Different schools have different rules.

How do you letter in high school varsity football?

You must be in at least one play per quarter for 16 quarters. Most High Schools use this formula for lettering in High School Varsity Football.

What is the length of an NFL football?

The NFL, NCAA and high schools use footballs that are 11 to 11.25 inches long.

What is the length of a professional football?

The NFL, NCAA and high schools use footballs that are 11 to 11.25 inches long.

Do high schools still use lockers?

Yes, high schools still use lockers.

What size football do they use in mighty mite football?

They use a official youth size football that you can find at any walmart or sporting good store

What size football does jv use?

pro size

Can you make trades in NCAA football?

Definitely not. The NCAA is not a business- it is a school. Schools use their scholarships that they get to lure high school players to play for their team.

How do you know what size football to use?

it is the size of your foot divided by 2

What is 5A baseball?

5A refers to the size of the high school. In most states 5A is the largest high schools. Some states choose to use 6 levels of highschools.

What size football should a twelve year old use?

Regular size

What is the size and weight of a football?

It depends on which level the sport is being plyed. For example, the footballs used by high school players use is much smaller than the ball used in college or professional football.

What size should the pitch be for under 14 gaa?

For under 14 Gaelic Football, you use a full size pitch and goals, with a size 4 football being used...

Do you get in trouble for use of creatine in high school football?


Do high school use youth football helmets?


What size pipe do you use for a goalpost?

In the NFL and NCAA, goal posts are 6 inches wide. High school football fields usually use goal posts that are 4 inches wide.

What schools allow cell phone use?

my high school

What size does high school football pads use?

Not sure what pads (thigh, shoulder, knee, etc..) you are referring to? Call 866.496.4327 and the folks at XO Sports can help you out! They are the football gear experts!

Why does the High School Musical have the same mascot as West Middle School?

The wildcat is a very popular mascot. A number of schools use this mascot, including middle schools, high schools, and universities.

What is size of football?

there are many sizes ranging from the lesser used size 2 to size 6 proffesionals use size 5

Can you use youth football helmets in high school?

No your football team should distribute their own helmet to you

What has the author Ray Eugene Cheney written?

Ray Eugene Cheney has written: 'Equipment specifications for high schools: their use and improvement' -- subject(s): Furniture, equipment, Laboratories, Schools 'Equipment specifications for high schools' -- subject(s): High schools