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Q: What is the official size football for under 15s?
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How many minutes played in a under 15s football match?

90 mins

What size rims can you use. for supra?

15s-18s the bolt size is 15x114.3

How long does under 15s football match last?

It consists of two 40 minute halves. If a match is to go into overtime, there will be two 15 minute halves.

1997 Honda accord ex wheel size?

mine has 15s

What is 15s-15?

15s-15 = 0

What should the average score for a batsman in under 15s cricket?

higher the best

Can you play rugby for under 15s rugby if you are turning 16 in November?

Normally if the season starts and you are at or under the age then yes

What size wheels did the 1989 Honda Prelude have?

I have a 1989 prelude si and im pretty sure there 15s

Where is it offered schoolls for soccer?

Most clubs have a youth layer (under-19s, under-15s, etc), and some highschools have teams as well.

What is 12r-15s-r plus 3s?

12r - 15s - r + 3s = 11r -12s

What is the tire size for a Chevy Cavalier 2004?

well that all depends on if you have a base model cavy with 15s, or a z24 with 16s

Where is 15S 75W?

The coordinates 15S, 75W represent a location in Peru, in or near Poroma on the Panamericana Sur.

What is the average shoe size for a 16 year old boy?

the average size would be 9 1/2 to 12s but since chemicals are in the equation 13s to 15s are average

What size tires for 99 Chevy cavalier z24?

the tire size is 15s Nope wrong...205 55 16 with aluminum alloy rims on the z24 model

How do you count by 15s?


how many 15s go into 278?


How many 15s are in 300?


How many 15s in 105s?

Seven of them.

What is 9 and 15s LCM?


What is the value of s if 15s equals 58.5?

15s=58.5 s=58.5/15 s =3.9

When did Torres first play for Spain?

He first played for Spain in their under 15s team in 2000. His first senior appearance was on the 6th of September, 2003.

Can you use 16 inch tires and rims on a 1995 Cherokee Sport?

Regardless of rim size, 235/75 is the biggest that will fit stock. I'd stick with 15s though, 16s just look silly. They rub sometimes in the back under heavy load, but not a big deal. To see pictures of my 95 sport with this size wheel/rim, click the hyperlink under Related Links.

How many 15s in 120?

Exactly 8 of them

What is an equilvalent fraction to 12 15s?

12 15s = 180.180 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 180/1.

What is the biggest tire that can fit on a stock 1984 bronco ii?

i have a 90 bronco II and it has 30 9.50 15s right now and will soon have some 31 10.50 15s and all i have done is replaced my worn out stock shocks with the same size but new so its all stock size, i work at les schwab and they or any tire place for that matter can tell you the biggest possible tire you can fit on it. -kohl

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