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125 is two stroke is good

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Q: What size dirt bike should a 5' person ride?
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Can you ride a 70cc dirt bike on the street?

No, it is illegal to ride a dirt bike on the street but you can ride it on a trail or dirt bike track.

How old do you need to be to ride a dirt bike legally?

you can ride a dirt bike at any age

Can you be 9 to ride a pocket dirt bike?

you should be at lest 4.9 height so if you are and 9 you should go for it i have a dirt bike to but not as small as yours

What dirt bike should you ride?

I personally think the dirt bikes with the wider wheels are the best

Where can you ride a dirt bike legally?

mate you can ride a dirt bike legally on farms or just on a property you own. It should be legal.Everywhere as long as you know how to operate a dirt bike and are responsible while using it.-Marty in Santa Ana

What cc dirt bike should a 32kg person ride?

the lowest possible. if your a small person and you do not way to much then a big bike will take control of you. i would recommend a 50cc-90cc

Is it legal to ride dirt bike on sidewalk?

No, its illegal to ride a dirt bike on the road or sidewalk in all states.

How tall should you be to ride a Honda 150 dirt bike?

when you sit on the bike, you should be able to touch the ground with your toes.

Should kids be allowed to ride ATVs?

yes they should. it is good for a kid to learn to ride a quad or dirt bike

What is a dirt bike rider?

any body that can ride a dirt bike safly and good

What are the good things about the dirt bike?

Good information about the dirt bike is that you can ride them when they are not anything to do

What is the easiest dirt bike to learn how to ride?

baja 70 dirt bike from Canadian tire its easy to ride and also fun

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