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to start of with a50cc

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Q: What size dirt bike for new rider?
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How much money does a freestyle dirt bike rider rider make yearly?

how average i made about 500,000 last year and i also got a new girlfriend in Waterlou

What can you do if you don't have enough money to by a new 250 dirt bike?

Buy a USED 250 dirt bike.

What is the best dirt bike for a beginner?

For a beginner depending upon whether you now the gears or not I would say a kx65 for a rider who knows how to operate the gears, or an automatic quad for a new rider to avoid a fatal injury. (:

What is the biggest bike you can ride at 17?

The size of the bike depends on the riders size and experience. The rider should be able to hold the bike up easily while sitting on the seat, and their feet on the ground. Some new riders start with a smaller engine bike until they get used to riding.

Where was the longest dirt bike jump at?

it was on the show new year no limits where robbie maddison jumped 321' on a dirt bike.

Is it legal to ride a mini dirt bike on sidewalks in New Jersey?

No it is not legal to ride a mini dirt bike on sidewalks in New Jersey. In some states it is legal to ride mini dirt bikes on sidewalks.

Can you ride dirt bike on fire road in New Jersey?

yes,you can ride a dirt bike on any road as long as you dont get caught by the 5 0

How do you get the most horsepower from a2001 xr100r dirt bike?

get a new pipe

How do you fix your damage handlebars on your dirt bike?

purchase a new set

Is it good to buy a dirt bike that needs a new top end?

no its not

Can you ride a dirt bike on the street in New Jersey?

No you can not ride a dirt bike on the streets of New Jersey.

Is it legal to ride a mini dirt bike on sidewalks in New Zealand?


Do you need a driver's license to drive a 49cc dirt bike new zealand?


How do you use rider in a sentence?

i went to see many famous bike riders in new york

Where can a Razor dirt bike be bought?

Razor dirt bikes can be purchased at many different locations. For new bikes they can be purchased at stores like Walmart. A person looking for a used bike could check Kijii.

How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike in New Jersey off road?

any age

How old do you have to be to ride a 150cc dirt bike in the state of New Mexico?

12 years old

Can you put atf in a dirt bike transmission?

NO! 50 to 90 weight gear oil. Please check your owners manual or go to your library and check on line. unless you want to buy an new dirt bike soon.

How much does the average dirt bike cost?

2000-4000 dollars. This is very average though. It would depend on if you are buying it used or new. Other things it would depend is condition, brand, seller, and the parts they put into it. I would say if you are buying a quality dirt bike new it would cost anywhere between 2,000-14,000 dollars. Used would probably be anywhere from 500-9,000 dollars. There are more expensive ones but this is for a quality dirt bike, not an extremely professional dirt bike.

Where are Pocket bike tracks in new jersey?

I ride my quad in Englishtown on the dirt track. You should be allowed there.

Is there a code for dirt bike max?

bla bla bla find a new game this one sux

Can a 13 year old ride a dirt bike in new jersey?

On the roads - no. On private property - sure.

What kind of dirt bike should I get im 5'1 and 95 pounds I have rode a dirt bike once or twice I want something fast and light but a four stroke what do I get?

My advice is to look at a Yamaha TTR 125 or something comparable to that. My daughter started off with this type of a bike at about your size and adapted and learned to ride very quickly on it. It is light weight, easy to start, not overly fast but you do not need speed on a bike you are learning to ride on. You can trade up after you gain experience and confidence. Think about your height and strength. This will determine the size of the frame that you will need. The first thing you should do is sit on the bike. If you've chosen the right size bike, your feet should just be able to touch the ground. How much experience you have riding dirt bikes and then think about how much power your bike should really have. Those who are new to riding should probably start with a 125 model, and then work their way up to the 250 dirt bike. Models larger than 250 should be reserved for advanced experts. Well I would choose a kx85 because he is the perfect weight snd height but sometimes it depends on the riding skills. But a 85 is a two stroke but it is light fast and when you ride a four stroke you get to be a lazy rider and a two stroke helps you with you riding skills an two strokes are always lighter than four strokes.

How much you should pay for a new motorcycle?

Your question is way to vague. You should specify the type of motorcycle (i.e. dirt bike, cruiser, sport bike, etc).

What companies produce the most popular dirt bike motorcycles?

Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha are the top three dirt bike motorcycle manufacturers in the world of motocross. A Honda is often recommended for new riders who have decided to take up riding as a hobby.

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