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That depends a bit. Normal classic skis should be about 6'9. If you go skating they should be 6'5.

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Q: What size cross country skis for someone 6'1?
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About how much do cross country skis go for online?

The price of cross country skis varies depending on size (youth or adult). The prices range from about $80 for junior size up to a few hundred dollars for an adult pair of cross country skis. This will give you a general idea:

Where can one buy cross country skis?

I have found that some good websites for buying cross country skis are,,, etc. These are very reputable websites for skis

What does kids cross country skis do?

Kids cross country skis are specifically designed to carefully balance the weight of children and to balance it across the skis. This is to protect children and ensure safety.

What has the author M Michael Brady written?

M. Michael Brady has written: 'Waxing for cross-country skiing' -- subject(s): Skis and skiing, Equipment and supplies, Waxes 'Standard rectangular waveguide constants' -- subject(s): Wave guides, Tables 'Waxing and care of skis and snowboards' -- subject(s): Maintenance and repair, Snowboards, Skis and skiing, Equipment and supplies, Ski waxing 'The complete ski cross country' -- subject(s): Cross-country skiing 'Waxing and care of cross-country skis' -- subject(s): Ski waxing 'Waxing for cross-country skiing' -- subject(s): Cross-country skiing, Skis and skiing, Equipment and supplies

What is the name of a long narrow footwear for snow travel?

That could be cross country skis.

What is cross- country skiing?

Cross country skiing is like cross country running, except on skis. The skis used for cross country skiing are long and thin. Your leather ankle boots are attached only to the toe of the binding. You use poles to push off, and then throw your feet forward to continue the motion. Cross country skiing is easy to learn, and only takes practice. There are many good skiing trail in the rocky mountains of Alberta.

Why do the the bindings on alpine skis lock the boot firmly in place while the bindlings on cross-country skis lock only the tip of the boot in place?

Most likely because there is a bigger chance that you will fall out of your skis while skiing alpine. Also in Cross Country technique sometimes you need to lift up your heel.

What do the numbers stamped on the sidewall of cross country skis mean?

The numbers could indicate your kick zone in relation to how tall you are. However, the sidewalls of skis vary from brand to brand.

Is cross country skiing the same as skiing?

No cross-country skiing and skiing are two completely different things. They require different equipment. There are "slope" skis which most people are used to that attach to your foot and boot completely. The cross country skis have your heel loose to make it easier to propel yourself forward. Skiing is done on a slope or mountain and cross country isn't necessarily on a hill. They go across all sorts of terrain.

Why they invented different types of skis?

for different types of skiing such as racing or cross country or ski jumping etc.

How are cross country skis different than other types of skis?

Cross countries skis require a different type of boot. These boots only attach to the ski at the toe allowing your heel to move off the ski as you move. On downhill skis your entire boot is attached to the ski. You can read more about the differences here skiers/a/ccdownhill.htm

What kind of skis do biathlon athlestes wear?

Biathletes wear a form of cross country ski called a skate ski.