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For Middle school and up, all the way to the major league you should use a 12. 75 inch glove.

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Q: What size baseball glove is right for a high school outfielder?
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What size baseball glove is right for a high school shortstop?

The right size of glove for high school midlle infeilder is 11 1/4-11 1/2 inches.

What hand do you wear a baseball glove if you're right handed?

You wear a baseball glove on your right hand if you are right handed. If you're right handed, then you throw with your right hand. Therefore, you wear your glove on your left hand.

Should right-handed players wear a baseball glove on the left or right hand?

If you are right handed your glove would be on youe left hand and you would throw the baseball with your right hand.

Which hand do you wear a batting glove?

On what hand you wear your baseball glove depends. If you throw with your right hand you need the glove on your left hand. If you throw with your left hand you need a glove on your right or as others call it, a left hand glove.

If you turn a left handed baseball glove inside out will it be a right handed glove?

Yes, in the sense that it will now be contoured for your right hand. No, in the sense that it will still be a left-handed glove; just a left handed glove that due to manipulation now fits better on the right hand.

How much does a baseball glove weigh?

i don't know but i want to find out right now. No. The guy who said that was a retard. The average baseball glove weighs 1000 ounces.

What does the term full right mean in terms of a baseball glove?

It means its a glove for left handed throwers. You put it on your right hand Source: Nike store, Coaches

What size baseball glove is right for a high school pitcher?

11 3/4-12 depending on size of hand. However for a pitcher it should be at least 11.5. Most prefer 12. Make sure glove does not have I or H posts, traps or closed webbing for pitching.

Does a left handed glove go on your left hand or does that mean if you are left handed get this glove?

If you are left handed, you throw the baseball with your left hand, so in this case the left handed glove goes on a left handed persons right hand so they catch with glove on right hand and then pull the ball out of mitt and throw with left hand. - It means if you are left handed get this glove but you will wear it on your right hand.

What arm do you wear a baseball arm sleeve on?


Who is a one-armed pitcher in baseball?

Pete Gray was an outfielder who played for the St. Louis Browns as an outfielder in 1945. A recent player? Referring to southpaw Jim Abbott, perhaps? "One-armed" is slightly off, as Abbott was born without a right hand. Abbott slung his glove on his right forearm while in his delivery. After the release, Abbott swapped the mitt before (or while) the ball was in play. He was a gifted athlete, and a good fielder. His numbers were best early in his career, although in '93 he no-hit the Indians while playing for the Yankees.

If your left handed what hand should you wear a Baseball glove?

You should wear the glove on your right hand....because you have to throw and bat with ur left hand

Does a runner have to tag up to advance if an outfielder juggles the flyball?

Once the ball is first touched on the fly by a player, runners can begin to advance. For example, if a line drive caroms off the glove of the second basemen and flies out to the right fielder who catches it on the fly, runners would only have to tag up until the ball hit the second basemen's glove.

What type of baseball or softball glove would you need to where if you throwing left handed?

well first off do you mean throwing with your left hand and if so you need a glove for your right hand

Is Michael Jackson glove on right or left?

Michael Jackson's glove was worn on his right hand.

What positions can Tigers OF Brennan Boesch play?

Right field Tigers outfielder can play Right field.

What are the names of those positions on defense in softball?

Catcher, pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, third baseman, right outfielder, left outfielder, and center fielder

What was baseballs outfielder Pete Grays handicap?

lost his right arm when he was six

What is a reg hockey goalie catch glove?

It means that the glove is for the left hand of the goalie. Since most goalies have their catch glove on their left hand, it is considered "regular." If the goalie uses their right hand for their catch glove, it is considered "full right."

How do you remove your gloves so you don't get anything on yourself?

You can switch the hands here to suit your needs. Start by washing your hands with the gloves still on. Then, with the left hand, pinch the outside of the right hand glove, about where you would feel your pulse. The idea is not to touch your skin with any part of the left glove that may have contacted any contaminants. After you pinch your right glove, carefully pull it completely off, making sure the inside of the glove peels over the outside; don't let any part of the outside of the right glove touch your skin. keep pinching the glove. Now take your right middle and index fingers and slip them carefully into the left glove, where the rim of the glove comes up to you left wrist/arm. Pinch the inside of the left glove about the same way you pinched the right glove, and pull it down, careful not to get any of the outer glove surface onto your skin. Pull it all the way down OVER the right glove, which you are still pinching. If you do this right, you will now have all of the potentially contaminated surfaces of the gloves within the inside-out left glove. Dispose of it properly and wash hands thoroughly.

What type of glove do you need if you throw with right hand?

You need a glove that goes on the left hand, because your right hand is used for throwing.

How do you change the cabin air filter on a Toyota Tundra?

Which Year? It's usually behind the lower glove compartment. Undue the clip on the right side of the glove box. Squeeze in the sides of the glove box and remove the box. The filter door is right behind the glove box.

What golf glove should I wear if I'm a left handed golfer - left or right?

You should wear a right handed glove if you are left handed.

Where is the amplifier in a 2002 avalanche?

the audio amplifier is located behind the glove box to the right, slightly bend the right side of the glove box and gently let it down look to the right and there it is

Does someone make a baseball glove to fit either hand?

You can buy left or right handed gloves. But you can not buy a single glove to suit both right and left hands. I don't know if anyone currently makes one, but I own a Louisville Slugger 1st base mitt that can be worn on either hand. I purchased it in the '70s.