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In any case of attempting to be a sports star or actress or singer, etc., you should always keep grades in mind as a fall-back plan. You could suddenly be kicked off your team for example, and need the grades to qualify at a college that will help you earn a new job. Speaking of colleges, you need good grades to be accepted into good college, presumably with a great team and watchful coaches.

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Soccer is not some stupid clerical job. It is a highly dynamic game and sport! One doesnt need grades, but talent and ability to be a soccer player.

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not really

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Q: What should your grades be to be a soccer player?
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I am on the dance team and my grades aren't so good should I still try out for soccer?

This is a tough question. If your grades aren't as high as they could be, then you should not try out for soccer. What do you think will help you more in life, being on the soccer team or learning more about what you need to know for college?

What grades need for a professional soccer player?

None... look at ronaldinho, no education just have to be really good. but if ur in school obviously good grades

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Just have to put soccer ball on it.

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Can you go to college and play soccer to become a pro but not do well in your classes?

Yes, but you would have to be an excellent player and it wouldn't hurt to try at your grades.

How much should youth soccer player train?


How many calories should a soccer player have when not in season?

a lot.

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What football should and should not eat?

If you are talking about a football player than they should eat vegetable's fit and healthy.If someone is a baseball player or soccer player they should eat the same thing.

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A soccer player.

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8 to 10 hours a day