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I think you should wear anything maroon under a yellow jersey.

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Q: What should you wear under a yellow jersey?
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How many shirts do you need in paintball?

I typically would wear nothing but a jersey. For tournaments though I liked wearing one under shirt and a Jersey. If you don't have a jersey, a single long sleeve -tshirt should be fine. if you feel that is not enough, wear a short sleeve under it.

What color jersey will Steelers wear in SB XLV?

Black and Yellow

In what event does the leader wear a yellow jersey?

The answer is American Rugby team

Who wore the first yellow jersey?

Canada's Alex Stieda was the first North American to wear the yellow jersey, on Stage 2 of the 1986 Tour de France.

What should a girl wear paired with her NFL Jersey?

A girl shouldn't wear anything but a thong with a jersey.

Who was the first American to wear the yellow jersey in the tour de France?

Greg Lamond

Did Tampa Bay Buccaneers ever wear a yellow jersey?

Yes I believe it was in the early 80s.

What should I wear with my football jersey?

Jeans are a good item to pair with a football jersey.

What colour does the World Cup team from Germany wear?

The original (Home) jersey colors of Germany are white, red, yellow, and black. The alternate (Away) jersey colors are red, black, white, and yellow.

What color jersey will the packers wear to the Super Bowl?

they are the home team so the all green and yellow

What should you wear with a rainbow tutu?

i think you should wear a pink or yellow lether jacket

What should you wear to football practice and can i wear a fasc tall hoodie under my football jersey because it's cold?

If you are a girl , i suggest you to wear a sports bra , cotton t-shirt or jersey, with short pants. You can wear studs or any running shoes.If you are a guy jersey and shorts will be nice. I'm not really sure but the fasc tall Hoodie.But if you feel comfortable carry on.Good Luck!