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Jeans are a good item to pair with a football jersey.

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Q: What should I wear with my football jersey?
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What size football jersey does Leonard Davis wear?


Can you wear number 0 playing football?

No, it is not possible to wear the number 0 on a football jersey. However, the 0 jersey was issued in the NFL before the number standardization in 1973.

Why do football players wear a jersey?

because if they dont wear it they will be distracted by girls attracted by them

What should you wear under a yellow jersey?

I think you should wear anything maroon under a yellow jersey.

What are the things you wear in football matches?

helmet, shoulder pads, a jersey.

What should you wear to football practice and can i wear a fasc tall hoodie under my football jersey because it's cold?

If you are a girl , i suggest you to wear a sports bra , cotton t-shirt or jersey, with short pants. You can wear studs or any running shoes.If you are a guy jersey and shorts will be nice. I'm not really sure but the fasc tall Hoodie.But if you feel comfortable carry on.Good Luck!

What should you bring to football camp?

A person should bring a football, a jersey, and a good attitude to football camp.

Is it strange if a girl wears a boys football jersey and they are not going out or dating?

No it is not strange at all. I always wear guys football jerseys, sweatshirts and all. We are not dating i just steal them from them. So no it is not strange if you wear a boys football jersey and your not dating.

What should a girl wear paired with her NFL Jersey?

A girl shouldn't wear anything but a thong with a jersey.

What do you need to wear to play football?

You need a jersey, shorts, stockings and shingaurds as well as football boots to play a match.

What should you get your football playing boyfriend for his 15th birthday?

A football jersey of his favorite team

Should you were a mouthpeice in flag football?

I think you should wear a mouthpicee in flag football.

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