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Basketball shorts and all; everything you'd wear, as if you're playing a championship, you want to wear the best you can.

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Q: What should you wear to basketball practice?
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Does it matter what kind of shoes you wear in basketball?

The kind of shoes you should wear for basketball are basketball shoes.

How many hours should you practice basketball?

I practice about 4 hours a day

Should parents be allowed to watch basketball practice?


Should you wear fake jordans to basketball practice?

Well i didnt know fake jordans were real but no...if you wear anything fake everyone will think your not serious about basketball unless it is a recreational league or something like the YMCA, you don't want to be thought of as a phony

How do you be great at basketball?

Look on the internet for basic basketball drills to practice and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND PRACTICE

What number should you wear at a basketball club?

7 or 44

What should you wear for a interview to be a womans basketball player?

you should wear some thing neat except for jewlery

How should you wear your hair for golf practice?


What are the basketball tricks?

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Should you wear your basketball shoes outside?

NO! if you wear them outside, they lose traction so if you try to turn on a basketball floor, you slide ALOT

What should you wear to a basketball game?

Basketball jersey, basketball shorts, athletic socks and any type of basketball shoes and protective gear if needed.

How do you improve basketball skills?


How do you become a better at basketball?

Practice, practice and practice.

How do you do a slam dunk in basketball?


Should you wear a jock?

If your playing soccer, hockey, basketball or baseball you have to.

Should you wear tighty whities?

yes you should definitly with basketball shorts but if ppl make fun of you wear boxers over them

What should you wear to volleyball practice?

You Should Wear Some Shorts, & Maybe A Sports Bra. Or Shorts & A Tank Top

How do you become a famous basketball player?


How can you become a great basketball player?

Practice Practice Practice.

How many times should a pro basketball player practice before a game?


Why wear hightops in basketball?

There is no reason to wear high tops in basketball.

Should you wear a mouth guard when playing basketball with braces?

No, it won't do much.

Should you wear your heart monitor while playing a basketball tourney?


What kind of shoes should you wear for cheerleading practice?

Nikes or nfinitys

How do you now your good at basketball?

Practice, Practice, Practice, and have a good coach.