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The best footwear would actually be Basketball shoes. Basketball shoes have "high tops" so that they go over your ankles to prevent hem from rolling.

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Q: What footwear should you wear to play basketball?
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What should you wear for a hula girls footwear?


What shoes does Michael Jordan wear to play basketball?

He wears nikes to play basketball

Does it matter what kind of shoes you wear in basketball?

The kind of shoes you should wear for basketball are basketball shoes.

Samira and her friendsare going to beach what kind of footwear should they wear and why?

They should wear sandals but I do not know the answer to the rest of the riddle.

Can people play basketball if they wear glasses?


What footwear do you wear in football?

You wear cleat's.

What footwear should you use for field hockey?

You should wear cleats to play field hockey if you are playing on a grass field. If you are playing indoors you should wear sneakers. If you are on artificial turf you should wear turf shoes and if you don't have turf shoes you should wear sneakers. But sneakers wouldn't be a good idea because you slide EVERYWHERE.

If you work in a wet slippery area you should wear PVC or rubber footwear?


What should you wear to basketball practice?

Basketball shorts and all; everything you'd wear, as if you're playing a championship, you want to wear the best you can.

Is born footwear appropriate for the track?

No, born footwear is not a good shoe to help you with running. Born footwear are like boots and casual shoes. You should wear light weight running shoes to assist you.

What should you wear to play field hockey?

A uniform normally includes a team shirt, either shorts or a skirt, and socks. You should also have a mouthguard, shinguards and proper footwear; many opt to wear gloves for either protection or grip as well.

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