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something they like.

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Q: What should you get your tumbling coach for Christmas?
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What equipment is used tumbling?

When you practice tumbling you should always have a coach around to spot. To practice you need mats, and tumble track or trampoline, and a certified AACCA coach or spotter.

How can you learn to do stunts or tumbling?

If you are really interested in learning to stunt and tumble you should join a local Allstar Cheerleading team, there you will learn the basics of stunting and tumbling and therefore you will be learning from coaches and others who are experienced and you will be in a safe environment and you will be less likely to hurt yourself by going out there and attempting something because someone says on YouTube how easy it is and gives you instructions. So please if you are serious about learning go and get help from a cerftified tumbling coach and a certified cheerleading coach, because stunts and tumbling are not exactly easy nor safe!

You are a beginner in cheerleading and carnt do any tumbling what should you do?

First what you should do you should look on the internet about what tumbling clubs are near you. secondly if you can't find one go to you coach and ask for extra training. or you could either take lessons in tumbling...some school require it to be on the squad others don't. I'm on a highscool squad and we only have one girl who is a really good probably want to talk to the couch and find out what is required.

How are gymnastics and tumbling routines performed?

Depending on your level, your coach will tell you what needs to go into a routine and if you are ready to do these skills. From there you can ask your coach how to preform this skills and you can work from that until you can get that skill.

How much money does a top gun cheerleading coach make?

Close to around 30$ it all depends on what you coach for if you coach for tumbling then probably 20$ an hour or if you coach bases it would be 30$ too. Coachs that coach flyers are the people that get the most money, they get around 40$ an hour!

What senses does the author appeal to in the description of the kitchen in a Christmas memory?

"words tumbling together into a wrathful tune"

How do you do a frontflip with someone holding your foot?

Have them hang on to both of your feet so you are facing the way you want to flip (make sure they are strong!!) and make sure that the first couple times you have a really good tumbling coach! And then, have the person hanging onto you push up, and partly to the front, and make sure that they use their LEGS so they don't hurt their backs, and then do a front flip! This should be helpful, it helped me!! Be careful an make sure to have a good tumbling coach!!

What should you get your coach for Christmas to help he is a man hes old and some girls on my team are in financial issues and cant afford over 5 dollars a person?

Well it depends on how many girls are on the team.... but i know someone who was a coach and they told me that their favorite gift they ever got as a coach was a Christmas ornament that had #1 Coach on it but remember every person is different..... It also depends what the coach is interested in..... Remember it's the thought that counts:)

Which should I do tumbling or recreational gymnastics and in recreational gymnastics does the floor routine involve tumbling and if so should I take tumbling first?

yes the floor excersise involves lots of tumbling. If you have never done gymnastics before I would recommend doing a recreational gymmnastics class and taking tumbling in addition to that if you can. But if you can't, rec gymnastics would be the best choice because you will learn new skills on all the events. Plus, you will get lots of tumbling practice in the class, too. Good luck!

You want to get your back handspring and round off bhs should you do tumbling or gymnastics?

You should do tumbling. Gymnastics is very focused on skill progression. If you do not have a perfect back walk over you will not be starting on a bhs

What to wear at tumbling?

If you are joining a gymnastics tumbling class then you should wear a shortsleeve leotard (found online at Many people wear velvet shorts over their leotards. If you are tumbling for cheerleading then you should wear a t-shirt with shorts and clean sneakers. Always wear your hair in a pony tail.

When was Tumbling After created?

Tumbling After was created in 2003.