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Some trainers recommend eating carbs before playing a sport.

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Q: What should you eat before playing a sport?
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Related questions

What is the best breakfast to eat before playing sport?

Weet-bix. How many do you do?

What to eat before basketball games?

Before playing basketball, eating a light meal of fruits, nuts, and protein will be beneficial to the player. A person should make sure to stay hydrated. Hydration is very important therefor should be done before, during, and after playing any sport.

What is better to eat before sport or after sport?

It is better to eat before a sport. You should actually eat 3 hours before the sport so the food can digest and that energy from the food can be saved and used in your body. A good meal is Pasta, with apples and salad and orange juice or water. NO ENERGY DRINKS OR GATORADE OR ANY SUGARY DRINK. It will slow you down and for me to much Gatorade gives me a stomach ache. Drink tons of water also.

What type of food should I eat before a baseball game?

Depends if you are playing or watching. If you are playing, eat carbs and some protein. If you are watching...I suggest you tailgate with some friends, have a hot dog and a beer.

What happens whenu Eat a lot of lollies then do sport?

well if you ate lollies and then you will playing sport then your blood will go really high

When should you eat before a competition?

You should not eat right before a competition becuase you may feel nervous and throw up. You should at least eat 30min. before a competition

What should you eat before playing a game of softball?

You should eat pasta or some kinds of noodles because it is good for you with salad. Don't eat too much so your full and tired. Drink water so you can stay hydrated.

What percentage of foods a week should a tennis player eat?

A tennis player should eat a higher percentage of foods each week which are rich in carbohydrates. This will allow them the ability to transform their food calories into energy necessary for the massive amount of workout they will get while playing and practicing this sport.

Should you shower after you eat?

No, You Should Actually Eat Before You Have A Shower, Better For Your Digestion.

What does it mean when I don't eat before playing in a sport event and I get sick?

Your body is telling you hat you need energy, so the answer is in the question. If you do not want to eat, consume some of the many high performance waters or juices (with sugar) for energy rather than caffeine.

What kind of food should you eat before a chess game?

It is unkonown, but it is recommnded not to eat anything with caffeine in it. Also dont eat while you are playing, it distracts you, your brain is unable to think clearly and you are more likely to loose

What foods should you eat before running?

Ideally you should eat a meal consisting of 50 to 75 grams of carbohydrates before running a marathon. If you are training you should eat 15-30 grams of carbs before going out.

Can you eat a meal before or after working out?

You should eat a Meal before you start your workout and after

Why shouldn't a athlete eat a large meal before athletic activity?

they shouldn't eat a meal before a activity because if they do a sport which requires running they might throw up

Should you eat before running?

You can eat but not to much.

Should patients not eat before coronary stenting?

After midnight the night before the procedure, the patient should not eat or drink anything.

Should a person eat before or after you exercise?


Should you eat before or after exercise?

You should eat first as it burns calories faster.

What fruit is best to eat before playing basketball?


What should you eat before eat 1.7 mile run?

You should eat a bannana, a handful of raisins or hashbrowns

What type of sport do they eat in Vietnam?

you don't eat sport

What should football players eat before a game?

You should eat banana, but eat it about 2-3 hours before you eat. Another thing you can do is, the night before your football game, eat pasta. Pasta is rich in fiber and has a complex carbohydrates which is what athletes need.

Can people eat before a nephrostomy?

Patients should not eat for eight hours before a nephrostomy

Should you eat before taking accutane?

Yes, you should eat before taking accutane. If you don't, overtime it will burn a hole in your stomach.

What kind of food should you eat before softball?

Before softball you should eat fibre, fruits and cereal and low fat food