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Q: What should you do when playing center fieldman on first with one out in baseball?
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Do Hispanic Baseball players pay US Taxes?

mexicans should not be playing baseball it is an american sport

Should you wear a jock?

If your playing soccer, hockey, basketball or baseball you have to.

Should Alex Rodriguez be banned from playing Major League Baseball?


I was playing baseball when a seagull took my baseball and dropped it in the river. Should I shoot the seagull or should I scare it away?

A seagull cannot be on river its found on Sea's

How was women's baseball affected by World War 2?

baseball was lost because baseball is a mans game and women were horrible at playing it and should never play it again

What is the playing space inside a baseball diamond?

if the distance from each corner to the next is 90 feet and it is a square, then the playing space inside should be 8100 square feet.

Why do people wear their baseball caps sideways and off center?

I have no idea. They should be shot, though. THat said, they probably will be as they may be gangstas

Which should i buy football or baseball cleats?

It all depends on which sport you're going to be playing. If you're playing football, buy football cleats; if you're playing baseball, buy baseball cleats. Here's why: Baseball cleats have a special cleat on the right side of the shoe, allowing a player to better grip the ground as they're pivoting to run bases. Football cleats are also typically longer and sharper than baseball cleats. There's also a toe cleat on football cleats that does not exist on baseball cleats (injury hazard).

What should I look for when selecting a drug treatment center?

You should make sure the center has the ability to meet your needs. Also you should verify the pricing information for the center.

When can baseball players wear metal cleats?

As soon as they begin playing in a league called Babe Ruth. Should be about 13 or 14.

What should I look for in a day care center?

You should look for a highly-regarded center with very positive word of mouth. Additionally, you should notice a clean center, with an attentive staff.

What type of food should I eat before a baseball game?

Depends if you are playing or watching. If you are playing, eat carbs and some protein. If you are watching...I suggest you tailgate with some friends, have a hot dog and a beer.

Why should filling be done the corner to the center of the nail?

why should filing be done the corner to the center of the nail

Should you play baseball this year or hang up the cleets?

Do you love playing baseball? -> then play Do you feel a NEED to play baseball? -> then play Does your health allow you to play baseball safely? -> then play Do you have enough time to play baseball? -> then play

What is the torque for the center nut when you turn your rotors on my 2000 subaru outback?

Shouldn't have to remove center nut - should be peel off rotors should just have to remove caliper and rotor should slide off center hub

What safety precautions should you take while playing football?

When you are playing football you should protect most of your exposed bones. You should especially protect your head while playing.

If im playing center what componets of fitness do i need to be good at?

you need to have a good fitness base as you are constantly on the run. Also you should have good speed over short distances and agile footwork

Can you play baseball with a cricket bat?

You can play baseball with a cricket bat but it would be hard to swing, since cricket bats are heavier than baseball bats. If the bat isn't strong enough, there is a chance that it might break. Playing cricket with a baseball would be a lot easier, but you should stick to the bats of the sport.

Where is the center for ssc 2012 for center no2156?

The name of the center should be known at the school. If they dont know the center, you will have to contact the regional board office.

What age do should you stop playing Club Penguin?

I think you should stop playing at about 15.

You and a friend are playing on a see saw What if your friend is 30 pounds heavier than you are Which one of you should be closer to the center of the plank to balance the see saw. Why?

Wow, you failed physics, didn't you. The heavier person would sit closer to the center so the lighter person would have more leverage

What are call center skills?

Some call center skills employees should have include: the ability to sell, they should be polite and they must be punctual. Many people have the skills needed to work in a call center.

When should your car be positioned next to the the center line?

When you are passing by a pedestrian on the should of the road you should allow them ample room. Hugging the center line is the best way to do this when there is oncoming traffic.

Should parents buy their children war toys such as guns?

All children should be TAUGHT about what they are playing with; TV may aid in this training (good and bad). If children are playing with toy warships, they should be told (taught) what a warship is. If they are playing with toy warplanes, they should be told (taught) what a warplane is. If they are playing with toy guns, they should be told (taught) what a gun is. One thing a parent can bet on. If the parent does NOT obtain a toy gun for his child; the child WILL make (pretend) a toy gun from a baseball bat, or other piece of wood; even a golf club. During the 1950's and 1960's, children used to call it, "playing army." This was usually combined with green plastic "toy soldiers", sold by the bag.

How can you delete your equestrian center on howrsecom?

Go to the Equestrian center butten, then click The Office. Once you have gotten to that page,scroll down and it should say "close my Equestrian center". Enter your password and then it should be deystroyed.